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July 25Th: Community Hot Topics!


Community Hot Topics July 25th  

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Note: the fix seems to have worked: I was able to vote, finally (thanks DE Drew)


Also, I nearly forgot my opinion about the Aegis and Silva:


Clearly I think that having a shield should be of tremendous defensive advantage. So I fully support the reduced stamina when blocking. But, in addition, I would suggest that Aegis and Silva have a naturally higher chance or window for parrying (perhaps equivalent to a level 2 Parry Mod by default). For what it is worth, with these implementations in place, I think the damage of the sword would be fine (you would be trading potential offense for the best current defensive weapon).


Without the parry buff, I wouldn't gripe about a slight damage buff for the sake of balance... but not at the expense of the stamina buff when blocking. Perhaps as a compromise, Aegis and Silva could consume less stamina when blocking but more stamina when attacking? This makes sense when you think about it: if you are lugging around a big shield, your arms would get more tired when swinging the sword around. But blocking would be much more of a cake walk.  

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Hooray, another hot topics! I didn't make a post in the last one, mostly because a lot of the topics didn't really apply to me, but there are a few here that I want to weigh in on in more detail, so here goes.


MK-1 Weapons

Bring it on! While I'm not 100% looking forward to the grind, more Mastery is always a welcome sight for me. In any case, I don't see any reason for them to NOT be available. Anyone who doesn't want to level them just doesn't have to buy them, simple as that.


Shield Bypass Damage

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with this. On the one hand, it does add a certain dynamic to play, adds something for shield tanks to worry about, but on the other, it can be really, really irritating. The other issue I have deals with how it can hit you out of nowhere sometimes, and there's nothing you can do about it. Now toxin is usually avoidable; you can stay away from Toxic Ancients and you can do your best to avoid the Mutalist Osprey's clouds, but slash has a tendency to get slapped on you every time a stray bullet gets a lucky proc, and it can be devastating in some situations. Still I don't think it needs to be nerfed or made more rare--I think the best solution would be to make it non-lethal. Just have it leave you with 1 or 2 or 5 health, so you're still in danger, but you won't be instakilled when you still have 900 shields left.


Shield Bypass in PVP

I haven't really gotten my feet wet in PVP at all yet, so can't really make an informed opinion about this one.



I love him, he adds some much appreciated personality to the game, and I enjoy it every time he says something I haven't heard yet. I don't think he talks too much; if anything I wish he had more to say! But I'm sure that you guys are working on feeding him lines, so in the meantime I'm just waiting.


Silva & Aegis

Okay, I'll admit, I haven't had the chance to swing this around yet, but I have taken a look at the stats and watched others using it, and I have to say I'm... less excited about it now. Of the two main gripes, I think that the blocking stamina cost is the more important issue. There was a chance to be much more unique with this concept, and I don't think it quite hit the mark, but it really just needs some tweaking. The damage issue... well, given that it is a lab tech weapon, yeah, I think it could stand to deal more damage, or at least start with a polarity slot (one or the other really, not both), but that's not as important to me as making better use of that shield.



I love it, but it hates me. There are still some issues with the Warframe getting in the way of some of the menus (part of the Foundry is blocked on the left side preventing me from seeing the credit cost of things, and the Mods menu still needs some work). I really feel this could be remedied just by condensing some of the white space in the menu and squeezing it together; that would allow you to see everything without it being blocked, and let the warframes stay on the screen. Don't know if this is a UI issue or not, but when in a squad, voting on which mission to do could use some streamlining. I preferred the old system where each could put forward a vote on different nodes and that vote could be rescinded just by hitting esc or changed by clicking on another node. Too many times have I or one of my friends accidentally clicked on the wrong node and had to wait for EVERYONE to decline before we could even select a different node... it's pure frustration, not to mention unnecessary, and while I love the new look, I liked the old system far more.



Also, Cake and Star Wars, obviously!

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Damage that bypasses shields is really uncontrollable. Most times I'm caught in a hallway or tight space with Mutalisk ospreys and if I miss shooting them my team is in trouble. Furthermore, when doing survival missions getting caught in a crowd with a few Mutalisk ospreys is nigh inescapable  Can't armor count in reducing the damage a warframe takes when getting damaged by those effects? that would let me effect my team for protection and give time to heal said damage received.


I have two problems with the new UI: the first is I can't see which planet unlocks the next. I can't say to a friend "oh go do this planet to get to Sedna so you can get Saryn". I no longer know the way to Sedna. the second is I love playing as a team and often find groups of people to play with. Not being able to see the number of squads in the new star map hinders me quite a bit. Sometimes I like to just play a random mission with a few people to have fun with others, instead of using the recruiting chat all day. 

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how is it youve made a community hot topic without any talk about the kubrow customization system? the forum is exploding with both feedback and calls for change, this above anything else should have been at the very top of your list.



the silva & aegis.


this weapon needs a buff in more way then one. the 35 damage is no where near enough, this is a weapon from the people and i think most would agree they would like to see this among the better weapons in the game. not just a novelty item with a cool stance.


wile i dont think blocking should be free, the stamina cost for doing so needs to be greatly reduced. 




ordis being chatting is cool we just dont want to hear the exact same line said over and over again every single time we log on or end a mission. 



cake & pie


pie, def pie.

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PRE: Poll!
I'm pretty happy with the game so far, the challenge posed, and all the cool stuff in this game! I think the balance is pretty decent but honestly I'm more a player and less a planner. My strengths don't lie in the making of tactics and I know it. I rise up to challenge rather than figuring it "could be easier", even if it's a bit unfair. I'm therefore probably not going to be much use with "difficulty balancing". With that in mind, my choices: 

1. How do you feel about the MK-1 weapons being added to the market?

-D. I don't really know. I already have the vanilla counterparts and because there's not much reason to rise above Rank 8, I see myself collecting them out of habit later on simply to fill out a collection rather than because I seek their benefit.

2. What is your opinion on damage that bypasses shields?
-A.It's fine the way it is. I haven't felt like it's terribly off-balanced either way, and I find the challenge it poses as a fun game mechanic.

3. Do you think damage should be able to bypass shields in PvP?
-D. I have no experience in the PvP area and I'm sure folks better at balancing would give a better answer.

4. How do you feel about Ordis’ chatty demeanor?
-B. I love it! His personality is great and he's a welcome addition to my ship! .. Or rather I suppose -I-'m the welcome addition as he was already there. Quantity of his replies was a bit excessive before, but they've since dropped down to a much more enjoyable level after a few hotfixes and I often find myself wondering if he's wondering anything in the silence of my space-can. I also hope we never truly "Fix" him, and I also hope we get to learn more about him in the future.

5. What’s your opinion on the current state of Silva & Aegis?
-F. No Opinion. I don't have them yet and none of my friends have them either so...

6. What’s your opinion on the new UI?
-A. I like it! Please do continue to keep things nice and streamlined in the sub-menu- (ESC) as although I enjoy being able to meander around my ship from time to time, I also like being able to customise my loadout, grab my Kubrow and get into the last 20 secconds of an Alert, haha.

7. Trying to fix this poll. Cake or Pie?
-? Wait... @@;  Cake or Pie? GggggggHhhhhhh...

8. Apparently everything I've ever known about Star Wars is getting re-written, so.. Star Trek.

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How do you feel about the MK-1 weapons being added to the market?

Level all the things! - I'm a collector and something of a perfectionist. If it's available, I'll max it...

Nightmare Fuel - ... that said, some things have been a... well, nightmare is overstating it, but a pain definitely; to level.

And all that said, for an established player; they don't really add anything beyond Mastery. :/


Voted: Other.



What is your opinion on damage that bypasses shields?

Clarification - Are we talking Rails, PvP; or PvE in general?


Well, let's consider this:

Frames are split between HP-centric, Shield-centric, and balanced.


Damage 2.0 allows actors an anti-HP/Shield bias, by damage-type.

While I don't understand how damage works vs flesh/armor, the highest anti-unarmored is 50%, vs 75% vs armor and shields.

This means that anti-armor/shield bias can be twice as effective, damage point for damage point, if we don't take the opposing values into consideration (since, as I said, idk how that calculation works).


Is direct-to-health damage really needed, in this environment?

If it's low enough, it's not worth using, as non-toxic will chew through shields (and then HP) faster, particularly given that Magnetic isn't resisted by Antitoxin.

If it's high enough, shields (and shield-tanks) are unusable.

Hitting the 'just right'(, where it's a serious enough threat that modding against it is worthwhile, but not so dangerous that it'll wtfmurder you regardless of mods) will be pretty damn hard, given how much of an edge ignoring shields can be.

(Also, mods coming online as you 'level' in Rails is not conducive to this progressing smoothly.)


If it's common enough, it's effectively mandatory.

If it's rare enough, it will be eschewed, and then you'll feel unfairly screwed when the right (wrong) critter shows up and flattens you.

(Similar/different: Shock Eximii.)



Allowing it just means that everyone will use it, making shields (and shield tanks) pointless, and demand better use of your limited mod slots.

(Of course, Meta-balance ought to then call for Vitality + Antitoxin modding, which makes Magnetic damage even less appealing...

Trying to meta-game it in my head, not sure where it'd go from there.)



A thing that I've learned:

You want players to see how powerful something is? Make them play against it.

(Case in point: The outcry against fartsprays.)



Give the mobs pools of elemental overrides, and a visual cue to go with them. (e.g. Eximus-esque)


Lancers - being tanks/shock troopers - can spawn with Impact/Cold/Magnetic. (Concept: Their job is to bring down enemy shield fast, with their procs providing threat, and their armor providing survivability for it.)

Crewmen - being support/anti-armor - can spawn with Puncture/Corrosive/Radiation. (Concept: Once shields are down, and the enemy's occupied with the Lancers, Crewmen start bringing the damage. This leaves players needing to choose: Prioritize the glass cannons, or risk the Cold/Mag procs.)

Heavy Gunners - being heavies - can spawn with Slash(I guess?)/Blast/Gas. (Concept: Heavies. "Don't just STAND there!". Gas proc motivates mobility (of the "don't stand in the fire" type), Blast provides suppression (see previous parenthesis).)


If it's made clear enough what it is that's chewing through you so fast, players ought to get the idea.


Voted: Other.



Do you think damage should be able to bypass shields in PvP?

I rarely PvP.

Most games nowadays have vertical progression of some sort or other.

I play for challenge.

There's no challenge if a fight will be a curbstomp regardless of either player's skill; due to sheer imbalance in numbers.


That disclaimer given:

No, damage shouldn't bypass shields in PvP.

I thought that that was what Damage 2.0 was for.

(This being a tl;dr version of the above.)


Voted: No.



How do you feel about Ordis’ chatty demeanor?

I don't mind the character.

But it needs either many more lines, or either a much lower frequency, or the option to disable.

Otherwise you're just courting rage.

("Hey! Listen!")


Voted: Make the voices stop!



What’s your opinion on the current state of Silva & Aegis?

* Do not have the stance.

* Did not crunch numbers.

So, can't given quantitative feedback, just qualitative.


The shield feels out of place, and doesn't seem to add anything play-wise to the item.

(Also: why is the shield on fire? o.O Flame sword I can kinda understand, but...)

Doesn't feel like a good fit with Warframe, but that may just be my bias talking.


Voted: No opinion, since the poll is quantitative.



What’s your opinion on the new UI?

It's definitely prettier.

More sci-fi-ish.

But the decidedly worse Quality of Life really damages any appreciation I have for it beyond the aesthetic.


It lacks the previous UI's conveying the game's progression (content/level-wise). (e.g. Jupiter (8-15) followed by Saturn (9-14). And that's not touching on Phobos, sitting between Derelict and Void (though that one might actually be intended.)

It's much more cumbersome trying to find out what resources each area drops. (WTB mouseover popups at the overview level, 25 plat)

It's (as far as I can tell) impossible to know how many people are running a given mission.

It's more cumbersome (not that the previous UI was lots better at it) to see what each mission is. (WTB mission type and vs.-faction icons for non-invasion/infestation missions, 50 plat.)

The planet-spinny-thing is cool, but counterproductive usability-wise.


Off the top of my head.


Voted: Other.



Trying to fix this poll. Cake or Pie?

Cake, of course.



Poll seems to be broken again... Star Wars or Star Trek?


Original trilogy, all movies, or EU?

Original series, the Next Generation, Deep Space 9, Voyager, Enterprise?


Eh, make it Star Trek.

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I like him, but I feel a lot of the problems people have with him being too chatty might stem from the fact he doesn't have much to say, he's annoyingly repetitive in his dialogue.  He is also lacking in personality, for being a mad AI he seems pretty tamed, while at the same time lacking his own views/personal-flair.  In short, he could definitely use more dialogue lines that makes him a more interesting character.


Shield Bypass


PvE: Very few enemies use bleed and even fewer use poison, due to the rarity of this type of damage I feel it's fine and should be left as is.


PvP: It could use some effectiveness changes as most Warframes that shield tank lack health and most scenarios of bleed on shield tankers end far too quickly, bleed and poison should be the ideal counter to shield tanking not the only answer.

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For MK1 weapons :

I like the idea but : 1) MK1 type should be sold on the market for credits only (no plat, no ressources) for pretty cheap (10-20k per weapon) and should remain weak (but still viable on the first planets) to force players to change it. Also, warm the players when they try to potato it by telling them that they can get a more powerful version of the gun they can upgrade to by buy a BP on the market (see n°2).

2) MK1 weapons should be able to be upgraded (if the player really like them) to the more powerful version that is more viable for the rest of the game and maybe buff some of them. (ex : XXX = MK1-XXX + 500 ferrite + 200 polymer bundle + 1 morphic)



For Damage bypassing Shield :

Damage that bypasses shields should deal reduced damage will the shields are still up and should not interfere with the shield regeneration process to make the shield still usefull against this type of damage. Something like only 30-50% damage when the shield is up.


A fraction of the damage that bypass shields could be soaked up by the shield while not interfering with the regeneration process. So if you get poisoned or you're bleeding heavily you could take cover to let your shield regeneration soak up most of the damage, something like 50-66% of the damage going to your shield and the rest directly to your health.



On a side-note :

While looking the shield usefulness, i also though armor should play a bigger role in the game. Maybe give natural % CC and/or status proc resistances the more armor you have ? So heavy frames would be slower but harder to shaken (this could also help valkyr going melee without having to always rely on Hysteria). Make it scale like armor=>dmg reduction so it won't be to OP.



Thank you for the hot topic as always by the way. Keep up the good work !

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MK-1's in Market

I rather not have more mastery fuel-type weapon available. We already got a S#&$ load of weapons that could use some buffing to increase their value beyond their current "level to 30 then sell" level.


Damage bypassing shields

My opinions on damage being capable of bypassing shields are kinda neutral, although I would like it if Slash cannot proc on shields.


Damage bypassing shields in PvP

Don't care one bit. I don't play PvP.


Chatty Ordis

I like his company. I wouldn't mind more of him. I also would love an extension of the radio system.


Silva n' Aegis

Its a pretty chill weapon. Got nothing to say more than that.



Started of as freaking confusion but now I am getting the hang of it. 

There is one bit I dislike about it in all honesty and that is that you click more than the older UI to get things done. A good UI = less clicking.


Cake or Pie

I don't like either, but I chose cake since I have tasted it before.


SW or ST

Star Wars. 

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Damage that bypass shields should ONLY work when shields are lower than 100%. (((Damage mitigation by PERCENTAGE of remaining shields)))


Because... "Shields absorb damage before health is affected" - The Lotus

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i compleatly agree with Kurtys on the shield bypassing dmg thing, i do think some enemies proc it too much though, for example there's not a single time i haven't gotten a bleed proc from a seeker's kraken and those are supposed to be dealing mostly impact dmg aren't they? how come they cause bleed instead of staggering? and why do they have such a massive proc chance anyways? it's like they have forced bleed proc or something.


i'm fine with some kinds of dmg bypassing shields but i think bleed procs are a bit too prevalent, they are pretty much the only procs i see tenno getting hit with (excluding eximus units/disruptors that is).


i think, for example, grineer should be causing some stagger ('cus impact weapons) instead of bleed, not saying they shouldn't cause bleed, but they should cause less AND cause some stagger to cover for it, i think it'd even make them a "better" threat, taking on a few wouldn't be an issue, but if you take on an army of troops with heavy stopping-power machineguns you'll want to take cover and use a more tactical aproach instead of just going kratos on their @$$; the stagger chance would have to be carefully balanced though, noone would like an enemy that forces you into constant staggering.

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The new update is great, but there are some weird glitches that need working out. Crashing on load screens is one that I'm not so keen on. The ship is awesome though, however I don't really like the claustrophobic FOV. Is there any way you could scoot it back just a tiny bit? On top of that, it's really difficult to look at all of your items in the foundry at once, because your Warframe stands partially in the way. It's the same when looking at MODs. As for Ordis, I am of the opinion that it needs a mute button somewhere so that people who get tired of the chatter can turn him off without turning off the rest of the dialogue in the game.

But I do have a Kubrow, so what am I complaining about? :D

Edit: Did anyone else notice how the Grineer border patrol guy on the radio kind of sounds like Nathan Explosion from Metalocalypse?

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- How do you feel about the MK-1 weapons being added to the market?
Don't care, wont use them. Good for new players.


- What is your opinion on damage that bypasses shields?

Needs rebalance and toning down, because some frames have joke health.  Toxic ancients are ridiculous now. You get pulled in and die in a blink.


-Do you think damage should be able to bypass shields in PvP?
NO. Otherwise it gets abused and makes only frames with good HP and armor viable.


-How do you feel about Ordis’ chatty demeanor?
Make random chatter toggleable, I would only like to hear relevant messages, like greetings and foundry info. Other random phrases get old quickly.

Make him say something, when you get PM chat and some other notifications maybe.


-What’s your opinion on the new UI?
So far dont really like it, takes several more actions to reach almost everything. There used to be easier/quicker access to many things. Please bring quick access icon buttons back, why not, they don't take much screen space.

At least mod loadout screen and group menu got improved and some screens perform better. Visually its fine.

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How do you feel about the MK-1 weapons being added to the market?


I would let people obtain them from missions too but they shall be added to the game one way or another so everyone can obtain them - as long as they provide Mastery (so nobody suffers from being unable to gain that mastery while others can).


What is your opinion on damage that bypasses shields?


Shields are there as an energy wall. Nothing physical might get through without first breaking the shield - that's what it's for.

Excluded are things that the shields are logically designed to "go through", like stuff going from the inside out (our shots) and breathing air (as far as we know, Tenno do not have air supply with them - survival missions). This means that though the first thing doesn't really pose a threat but the latter does - poisonous gases.


Overall that's all that should get through and nothing else. Not even poison damage, just poison damage resulting from inhaled gases or poisonous infection (poison status effect).


Bleeding MUST not happen, simply because if the shield stopped the attack (did not reach 0), then that means... well, it means it stopped the attack, it never reached our skin so for it to cause bleeding is impossible (imagined bleeding? yea, right). For the same reason, normal poison attack (like poisoned weapons/claws) cannot cause poison/viral status effect as long as the hit did not deal health damage.


What status effects may occur on the tenno with shields on:

- Fire (if some kind of substance is atop the shield, burning).

- Cold (if ice is formed atop the shield).

- Lightning (just the chain lightning part).

- Gas status effect can cause direct damage to health (as it's logical).

- Magnetic (since it's the shields it affects to begin with).


Radiation is questionable - Since most energy sources are shut out by the shield I would say the shield protects against this one too. The level of affliction caused by radiated air inhaled during these attacks is insignificant compared to what you would suffer when hit directly so I would say these shouldn't get through (not with this explanation at least).

Do you think damage should be able to bypass shields in PvP?

Same as above and also a thought - Warframe PVP is already plagued by players dying too fast. I doubt you want to make that even more protruding.


By the way, overall Energy leech and disruptor enemies should change so they don't touch our energy. AT ALL. Something you cannot evade taking your energy isn't a challenge - it's plain annoyance. Disruptors' attacks can be blocked/evaded in theory. I frequently notice that I got hit without even seeing an attack from them, especially since the supposed change in their attack animation. True, that the pull ability they stole from the Scorpion (even looks and sounds identical) did not improve their standing in my eyes. They are just there to annoy us. The healing ancients on the other hand really got dreadful - while they can be beaten and are not annoying somehow. Maybe because you can deal with them if you act precisely.


Anyways, energy leech and disruption enemies should scramble our ui, disable our casting but shouldn't touch our energy at all - maybe not even the shields.


On the other hand, maybe Ironskin should only mitigate health damage since it seems logically more fitting that it's under the energy shield (since it's a skin).


How do you feel about Ordis’ chatty demeanor?


He is like a GPS. Annoying as hell but keeps us company. Problem is the lack of control. Simply provide an option to switch him to mute mode or something. It would be nice if we could obtain other AIs later on - either from challenges or market. Yes, that would mean quite a bit of extra added voice files and such so it's just wishful thinking on my part.


What’s your opinion on the current state of Silva & Aegis?


I was seriously taken aback by how many voted to improvement on both sides. It's a shield and sword combo, it Must be much weaker damage wise than any other "shieldless" weapons, Not even mentioning game-balance, it's logical - if you concentrate on damage you are less defended but will deal more damage, that's for sure.


It's a defensive weapon so it should be focued on defense and counterattacking/striking back after a successful attack. It shouldn't be normally on par with other weapons damage wise while it's block capabilities should be clearly the best.


What’s your opinion on the new UI?


Looks pretty, looks clear but (partially due to early bugs) it's quite slower than the previous one. Overall performance fell in the menu since more stuff is rendered but this affects more than just fps (though for sure, navigating the arsenal has way less fps than playing a mission for me...) - for example coloring my Tenno is quite bothersome thanks to the various lights bathing her in way too much glow, or that I cannot stop the countdown fast in a lobby since I first need to get into the menu and then hit cancel instead of plain smashing esc to stop it like how it was before.


Also, since this seems to be an all-timer hot topic:

How do you feel about random nerfs killing fun things?


Well, we experienced over and over again, that old things that were once powerful, get slowly nerfed to hell (Acrid, Ignis) or just plain ignored and thus stay weak and out of balance (Flux, Spectra, etc.) while certain things enjoy ignorance in a different way (explosive weapons being overpowered - tons of ammo while shots produce higher damage than anything AND provide AOE...

About that, since I cannot quote a locked discussion I will plain-ol' copy-paste it:


"Balancing overall is needed for most weapons. There is no end to the problems on that end - so good luck :) I certainly don't envy you for your neverending chores.

By the way - Penta and Ogris might be better off using shotgun ammo pool before someone realizes that their damage output and overall ammo reserves make them statistically overpowered compared to... anything else.

I would also make their range larger and the damage falloff... exist. Right now it feels like that if you are hit by the explosion you get full damage, even if you were standing on the edge (actually there seems to be an area where you only get a slight damage but there is definitely no proper falloff curve). Anyways, through such changes they would be much likely to hit you too, harder to use in enlcosed space and overall more like explosives with an aoe range fitting their destructive potential."


New stuff altogether seems to start overpowered, I guess to promote purchase and thus money for DE... but on the long run you REALLY want to keep the old stuff balanced to them too or you will lose players since it's kinda depressing to know that even if you will forma a beloved item to hell, it will soon lose it's role as it will be among the weakest in no time.


Also to stay on the nerf parts, the wallrun+crouch+wallrun-again combo was taken out, that's good, it was weird and it was a glitch that suddenly appeared with a previous patch... but the wall-jump combo's nerf is weird. It no longer produces the height it once did BUT it still launches you to incredible distances. That's weird because while the height was useful but no particularly glitchy got nerfed while the ridiculous distance is still there... what the hell?



Ah, I nearly forgot, Seer should get a small AOE so it can hit at least 2 opponents at once - that way it would be at least "not bad" instead of how it currently is... it's especially agitating since it's a "prized" weapon from our beloved Vor.

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I like this new poll system, gives an ideer of what fellow Tenno feel on different subjects.


But could you guys please make a poll on the current status of 24/7 disruption Eximus units with auras (looking specifically at infested aincients)

you can just forget about trying to go melee only against infested, both with the constant disruption AND the constant poison procs...

especially  when they are the one faction, that just begs to be sliced and diced up by melee...


In a game where you relay so much on your energy pool, its just absolutly no fun being disrupted all the time,

(and now its NOT just the infested that does it all the time, its just most annoying with infested, because of the sheer numbers of disrupters)

and the Aura on Eximus units, is just a really, really bad ideer.. And now they give X3 less XP!?! uhm, what?


Regarding the new UI, im still not fond of it, but its definetly gettin better with each hotfix,..

it is however still so much slower than the old one, please bring back the top bar, where u can go to any menu, with just one click...

(not the old UI, just the same mechanic as the old one had,)



Regarding the element only melee weapons like the silva n aegies, etc.

they should also deal physical damage, (slash/impact/puncture) alongside the element,.. would make more sense, plus make them more usefull..

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About Ordis, franklt I don t mind it talking, breaks the monotony, but a little more variety with what he says would be good

I d make it so we could customize the level of interaction: silent toward chatty

I d also add an option so it warns us with vocal message when there s an alert: "lotus needs you to..."

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How do you feel about Ordis’ chatty demeanor?

It is interesting, but he needs more lines. Maybe a way to interact with him.


Do you think damage should be able to bypass shields in PvP?

I think the PvP needs a lot more balancing long before this is a concern. For one, needs to be viable. Second, needs more options like actual battle grounds like most games have. Ones with objectives. As it is, its in a very early and highly unbalanced stage. I cannot with confidence say how damage bypassing shields should work in PvP until PvP overall is really well balanced and worked on more extensively.


For the time being, it should not be able to bypass damage. Not until everything is balanced and can be equally viable.

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Toxic damage in PvE seems pretty fine to me. Personally, I didnt have problems lately.

Kubrows could use some toxic/slash resistances or some general proc resistances, though.


As for PvP, I believe completely removing it would make warframe feel inconsistent. When I join PvP I want to use what I learned through playing PvE.

If the game is breaking its own rules by overriding them the game will feel unnecessarely complex and will frustrate the player eventually ("Why did I lose? I am not used to this kind of behaviour! I knew the rules and I was expecting my move would work." etc.).


But reducing the damage these toxic/slash procs make could work for PvP.




The new UI is nice and shiny but the necessarity to access certain UI elements like the Inventory or Inbox though the ESC menu instead kinda destroys the magic. I would suggest to add a terminal left of the star chart for Inbox messages and add a button to access the "Inventory" screen to the foundry.

Stats could get a button in the starchart itself for example.


Navigating through the nodes in the star chart itself seemd to have gotten a bit more user-unfriendly than the last iteration tbh.

Some nodes hide behind planets, you cant cycle through systems anymore without going back to the overview and last but not least looking for active Dark Sector conflicts is really inconvenient.

Bbecause you have to enter each system and look for the dark sector nodes seperately, view and accept who won the last conflict eventually and remember the payment options to compare them to other dark sector nodes. There needs to be a faster, more comfortable way to do this. Some kind of global overview. A table where you can compare and view the status of each dark sector. Its a mess right now tbh.


Additionally using the mouse wheel to navigate around systems is not really useful right now. It seems as if the speed at which you cycle around planets depends on where your mousecrusor is. I dont like that. You should cycle around planets at a consistent speed when using the mouse wheel if you ask me. That would help me personally.

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Sooooo new Hot topics. Here how it would go: We talk about it somebody will give some good feedback, maybe it would be mention on dev stream promise to do something with it. And nothing will happen like it was with penta's mods( i still waiting for mod that make my grenades stick to surface or enemies), take all abilities from mobs drop and putt them to market for credits or The most common topic make game less grinding? Instead we will have more accessories :)
Have fun)) 

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Ordis needs to have his chatter delay increased just slightly. What bothers me most is the fact that his chatting has barely any variety. It's just a handful of voices repeated randomly. It does keep me company, but the lack of variation is the main problem for me (needs to have a LOT more than what he has now. Maybe a rare one telling the operator to rest his/her arms to prevent CTS)

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For Toxic and Bleed proc damage the main problem is that you really cant do anything to avoid it. When youre on a high level mission, any random shot could be a crit and a bleed proc, or walking around a corner into a toxic ancient means you have 6 to 8 seconds to find a bunch of health globes or just wait for inevitable death.


It needs to either stop before it kills you or do something like multiply damage to you instead.

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