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July 25Th: Community Hot Topics!


Community Hot Topics July 25th  

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I put other on the Silva & Aegis. I am thinking if you buff both its stamina consumption to be lower on blocking and increase it's damage by a meaningful level, it could turn into  a weapon that is a little too common and nothing else would see light. But I do feel it needs things in both those directions, I just don't know what would be a good fix for it. Though I must say it has the damage of a fist/dagger weapon but no crit rate.


I mean I really enjoy it as it is, but I do see where it lacks, maybe put more power in the stance? Bah possibilities 

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How do you feel about the MK-1 weapons being added to the market?

There should be an option to buy or make an option where you only can sell it after rank 30.


What is your opinion on damage that bypasses shields?

Make it more rare when used or a nerf, shields should have some purpose especially a maxed ranked one.


Do you think damage should be able to bypass shields in PvP?

In PVE yes, not PVP unless there is a 1% chance to proc and a huge nerf as well.


How do you feel about Ordis’ chatty demeanor?

Halo 2 is still my favorite FPS and he is a reminiscent of this, funny, mysterious, and a living AI! Later in development different voice-sets, skins and more lines of dialogue would be awesome. For those who dont like chatty AI there could be an option to mute him.


What’s your opinion on the current state of Silva & Aegis?

No comment as never got it yet and waiting for PS4 version. Comments from feedback suggest that since its a riot shield defense type weapon, stamina should be reflected by being the lowest and slightly higher damage.


What’s your opinion on the new UI?

The Ship U.I.? Immersion feels great. Overall UI for everything else? Solar map needs names as well as resources displayed before making selections. Customization UI for menus, font size and menu placements would be useful because on my 60inch HD 4K everything scales and text is reasonable. Practical use on any smaller displays were hard to read certain mods and foundry items were unreadable like most of the UI. This is where customization could help with people with different size TVs and dont use desktop monitors.


Trying to fix this poll. Cake or Pie?

Cake, with lots of icing and HAS to be made with zucchini! 


Poll seems to be broken again... Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars... The movies are more entertaining and Biowares KOTOR was one of my favorite classic RPGs in the early 2000s.

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The only thing I have to say about shield bypass is slash damage. The animation is way too dramatic and really annoying when you get slash damage back to back. 


Ordis is too repetitive. Giving him more to say might make him more bearable and even a little more interesting; same goes for the transmission interceptions.

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Everything is kept at moderation for me, some good some bad... but the only thing I want to mention about in the poll is Ordis. I just feel like he needs a little more interactive aspect added to him aside from the small mentions in ship upgrades/segments. I can only think of small stuff, but others will probably come up with better ideas but if you ask/talk to him on certain subjects (like small bits of where he originated from, how he ended up like he did, very small talk since he doesn't seem to have much intel of why the previous user left him) and possibly be able to find small memory chips on certain missions (maybe even alerts) to add to the story about Ordis's backstory. All we know is that we found him in the prologue where the Grineer were picking him piece by piece... well that and the information provided by the livestreams.

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The problem with direct health damage abilities is basically because of three reasons. 
1. Random and sometimes unavoidable damage is take due to the random nature of proccs and spawns. Shields don't have this problem because they regenerate naturally, meaning any unavoidable damage can be recovered without the need to mod for it.
2. Direct Health damage attacks seem to be a lot more painful. The number of hits it takes to drain health is significantly less than for shields. Probably because the two primary direct health damage types get bonus damage on flesh while Tenno armor generally isn't strong enough to mitigate over that bonus.
3. In terms of modding health is a less attractive option, requiring more mods to accomplish over all less than what shielding can do with just one or two.

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Clarification of why I chose "Other" on the subject of damage that bypasses shields.

The way I see it, Bleed should not proc unless your shields are down. It just makes sense, since the thing that causes the bleed in the first place should be bouncing off your shields, assuming you still have them.

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People seem to want to nerf toxic damage both against and with players. This means most toxic weapons are going to be hard to rank up and infested won't really be hard to kill. I think enemies should have more powerful toxins but in turn are much rarer because as of now all 3 ancients with a lot of mobs and a gas build=suicide :D just my two cents

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It's HK-47, and he is my favorite AI character of all time.


God I remember HK 47. That guy was awesome.


As for Ordis, I don't think he talks too much, but it would be nice for him to have a greater repertoire of lines or perhaps more interaction :)

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Thoughts and opinions.


Question 1: MK-1 Weapons



Not so much as mastery fodder with adding these weapons to the general market, but making Mk-1 weapons available to new players.  If possible, I'd suggest a new-player exclusive market or a "beginner" exclusive tab.  That way, a beginner may be less tempted to go straight for a more costly Paris (and possibly regret his choice) upon seeing the full version and the newbie cutaway juxtaposed next to each other.



Question 2: Damage bypassing shields

"It needs a nerf, make the damage weaker."


I don't quite like damage bypassing shields, but the important thing to consider from my point of view is to weaken the damage or to reduce the enemies that can inflict bypassing damage.  I choose a nerf because of consistency.  It may be too sudden and too punishing for a rare enemy to inflict health damage to players; rare enemies are less expected, and thus when health damage is inflicted, it is more of a situational gimmick.  Nerfing the damage allows many enemies to be able to whittle away at a warframe behind his shields while keeping the cheap full-shield killing to a minimum; this way, players can at least expect it coming at a more regular interval.



Question 3: Shield bypassing in PvP



I'm no PvP player, but PvP tends to bring out the worst in people.  With the animosity that is the PvP environment, the annoyance of PvE players at being killed through their shields may well turn to rage in the PvP scenario.  This doesn't seem a very huge topic, but for safety's sake, I suggest doing whatever possible to keep rage to a minimum.



Question 4: Ordis



Ordis is a nice addition, though rough around the edges.  He is an interesting character with a rather complex personality(plural?) but with surprisingly few lines and many, many instances where he repeats the same lines.  This undermines his complexity, when you hear the "mad" cephalon's madness confined to a regular of 2-4 lines of dialogue outside of the prologue.  Solutions include decreasing the number of times Ordis speaks to a player in the average gaming session, recording significantly more lines to further flesh his character, or to provide a selective conversation option where players can choose to converse with the Cephalon.



Question 5: Silva and Aegis

"Consume less stamina when blocking."


I am myself a firm believer against extra damage for this weapon; traditional tanks in MMORPGs trade survivability for killing power, and their signature weapon has quite often been the sword and shield.  Buffing only the shield's defensive capabilities instead of also touching on the silva may help emphasize on the defensive nature of this weapon as a whole, rather than simply eclipsing other single-handed weapons as an example of powercreep.  Buffing the damage may also damage the weapon's uniqueness, turning it from a dedicated defensive platform to just another sword with a really good blocking power.



Question 6: New UI.

"I like it."

Apart from mods being very difficult to see along the left side when upgrading weapons and some pieces of foundry information being unviewable on the very far left (both of which even when the mouse is placed on the far left), I quite love the new interactivity of the UI.  At least to a partial degree, we are less of a window manager and more of a Tenno, walking throughout our own ships and manually conducting processes that used to be done on a general overlay.



Question 7: Trying to fix this poll.


You devs are just asking to split the community on this one.  Flame repellent, on.



Question 8: Still trying to fix the poll.

"Star Trek."

Just because the Star Wars trilogy composed of 3 bad movies whereas the recent Star Trek reboot consisted of one.  Not a fan of either.

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MK-1 Weapons:

It would be nice to have more weapons in the market available for credits so new players can get a feel for different weapons without having to spend time and precious resources crafting them as long as they are viable for early and early-mid game. I should think you would want to make them relatively cheap, though. I also like the idea [mentioned in a few posts I read in this thread] of allowing MK-1 weapons to be "upgraded' into their proper versions akin to how the dragon nikana is obtained. Possibly, you could even mastery lock the upgrades or require a maxed MK-1 as material to give a sense of progression to crafting weapons. Upgrading would also let new players craft and use better weapons without having to worry about dwindling weapon slots, which can be frustrating if you don't want to buy platinum early.

I don't think I have anything novel to add about shield bypassing damage other than I like the idea of a 'toxin gauge' mentioned earlier that would fill up as you are exposed to toxin damage and empty if you weren't and only proc toxin if it were full.

I will add though that the new UI is beautiful and I love it. Ordis is a lovely addition, but it would be great if he had more [and more relevant lines] as has been mentioned.


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MK-1 Weapons


I'm excited. I like leveling things, and challenging myself. MK1 weapons, while probably not endgame viable, will help provide that challenge. Also, mastery fodder


Direct health Damage


Maybe not less enemy types using it, so much as units that can inflict direct health damage using it less.


Direct health Damage in PvP


Acrid OP




An option to turn his dialogue off would be nice. Also, moar varied dialoge pls.


Sword and Board


Less stamina on block? Yes. It's a shield. Moar damage when using fiery doomsword? Yes, it is a sword that is on fire. 35 heat damage is not enough for a sword that is on fire. It would be cool if while blocking and channeling as well, if an enemy strikes you, higher stagger/counter chance. Hitting a shield in the hands of a Tenno with a cleaver/glorified cattleprod is kind of like hitting a brick wall with a baseball bat. It's more likely to bounce back than you to smash through the brick wall.


New UI


Love it.


Though some issues and hitches need to be addressed, you guys did/are doing a great job.

Newer players are finding it difficult to navigate/node progression is unclear if it's not explained to them. Maybe a bit more handholding for the n00bs is in order.


Cake or Pie?


Cake is the only acceptable answer. All who say pie are heretics and must be slain.


Star Trek or Star Wars


Game of Thrones.

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New UI is slower and less functional than the old one. It looks good, but trading function for form is a piss poor way to build a UI. Bring the functionality back and I'm all for it. Suggestions:

Change the way movement works on the ship; we don't need the view locked, so give us the cursor while on the ship, and have the A and D from WASD rotate the frame and camera; this allows us to click on things.

Give us the old overhead bar back in the actual interfaces, allowing us to cycle between things just as quickly once we start doing S#&$. Having to move back and forth between mods and arsenal if I want to buff a mod I'm getting ready to use shouldn't have to happen, etc.


Ordis's chatty things are okay and reasonably entertaining, but they are likely to get old after a while, especially if I'm afk or otherwise just in the ship for a long period of time. Have his quips (and that damn grineer radio) decrease in frequency as a given ship session goes on, and have an option to simply turn them off for those who don't care anymore.


Silva and Aegis need something. The sword is meh and the shield adds nothing to make up for it. If the shield can be made truly good (no stamina block, absorb damage to return, reflection or some other neat mechanic) the base damage should remain the same. If we just get reduced stamina cost, damage needs a buff.

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New ui are horrible and not comfortable.Before it everything was great.When i want to change loadout i go to armory , but now, its doing in 3!!!!clicks.That means , new ui become 3times worst.Ship voice become annoying after 20min of hearing it.Its speaking too much.Forge become extremly uncomfortable.Warframe when standing near it just obstruct left side of list.And near the codex panel i always hear some speech of greneer and its to very distracts and annoying.And alerts become //argh///....i dont understad, why always new is always worst then before??And why i cant upgrades mods from arsenal.Its always need to go to mods menu.It so low functionality.

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damage should be able to bypass shields in PvP?

Its ok, but there should be a countermeasure for this, like toxic resistance mod or something else.


How do you feel about Ordis’ chatty demeanor?

Ordis is quite annoying sometimes and it says too many silly things.


What’s your opinion on the new UI?

Its a good design, towards effectiveness, but still a little cumbersome with too many steps to get where you want. All the related-only topics should be in sight no matter which one I choose. If I choose arsenal, there should be inventory in it somehow in case I choose arsenal by mistake and vice-versa. Or maybe implement a search toolbar. It would be practical, faster.

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I don't mind the idea of shield-bypassing attacks; but I feel like the effects shouldn't be procs and more like in dark souls where a status effect is applied after so much exposure to it.


Ordis feels like he talks too much because he repeats the same things frequently. He also has a very generic personality.

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UI: I like the way it feel and looks, it adds a lot of immersion. However, it is not without issues:


1. Too big. Having to scroll left to right because your 'frame is the way is not really cool. Allowing it to be scaled down would make it soooooo much better.


2. Forge resets your scroll position every time you Claim or order something to be built, making you have to scroll all the way down again - specially annoying when claiming 'frame parts to start forging the' frame itself. I ended up ordering the building of a second Rhino Prime Chassis by accident because of that. There's a few plat down the drain...


3. Inventory screen too important to be hidden behind 3 menus.


4. Mods module doesnt need the big 4 buttons to choose from start. All these options (collection, sell, fusion, transmute) could be easily baked into one screen like before.


Now, just as a suggestion for the future, if you run out of ideas to improve the ship: make the COdex module display holograms of codex stuff, instead of just random mods.

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I feel that the UI is terrible at places and thus serviceable at best.


First and foremost is when I am at the right side of the mod machine and decide to use it. It basically causes my body to block the entire 1 or 2 columns from the left. Next, reward UI has issues showing the last mod/s properly and only manages to show the top half of the mod/s.


Another issue that I have is when I want to access the starchart. It's not really useful right now unlike the older design. I would like to call for a re-incorporation of the old star chart into the new UI system with tweaks. Retaining the main solar system design, anyone accessing a planet will see the new planet design as well as lines that link to the following planets that can be or is unlocked, showing either gray or white respectively.

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Damage that bypasses shields:

If there were a baseline health regen (like rejuvenation), damage that bypasses shields would be fine, otherwise it's an annoying mechanic especially for any soloer, as repeated slash procs or toxin damage can kill you if you don't have some form of heal.  I main trinity, and if I play on any other frame, I have life strike - only for healing myself.  I feel that i'ts hard to believe warframes wouldn't have some form of self repair.  


I don't mind how much he talks, but more variety in his lines would definitely be great.  As he is a new thing, I'm sure he'll have a lot more to talk about in the future anyways.


The profile looks out of place now, but I imagine that will get updates soon as just about every UI has.

Some elements of the UI are very difficult to see (like the names of our custom loadouts).  Text outline, or different colored text would help alleviate the problems with legibility.

It would be nice to get the numbers showing active groups on nodes in the solar map back, at times It's hard to find groups.

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Damage that bypasses shields in general sucks, but viral is something that players have as a damage type. Getting rid of it would be getting rid of a damage type (one that is godly against the Grineer). What i WOULD like to have happen: give us a better indicator of it affecting players. Toxic ancients kill SO many players because they don't have a lot of indication that they are being poisoned.


      On the subject of the ancients, I would really like to see the "scorpion rope" that currently is shot out of their arm changed to something more                 ascetically appealing and lore friendly (It looks really dumb to see a rope come out of a lump of flesh). The range for the ability could also be                 scaled back to what the Grineer Scorpions have.


For PvP, damage that bypasses shields... you're just not very nice and you should be ashamed of yourself. Same as above, don't get rid of it, but give the player a better warning of the viral proc on themselves.

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For the UI, "I like it" vs "I don't like it" is probably too broad.  Many of the comments in the thread seem to suggest that while people like the ship experience (which I think is crazy; I feel like I'm stuck in a space coffin -- but to each their own I suppose) they dislike elements of the UI itself.

I'd rather see "I like the ship but don't like the new menus," "I like the new menus but don't like the ship," "I like everything about it!" and "I dislike everything about it."

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