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July 25Th: Community Hot Topics!


Community Hot Topics July 25th  

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ahh, well i assumed the other ones were ment for down here so without further adeu



damage thru sheilds, should be done i think once a certain damage threshold has been reached, then they stop part of the damage and the rest punches thru, like around 85% of the damage or so



silvia and aegis i have not used, but from what i hear they are underpowered, and consume to much stamina.

also, wouldnt it make a little sense for them to do a little slash damage? the sheild has edges.....and the sword looks like its kinda like a lightsaber, so it could mimic a sword blade...sorta

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I think that a good idea to fix PvP Might be to have pre-made load-outs that are based on level and the warframes and or weapons you own which would lead to more balanced gameplay hopefully and would get rid of having to sift through updates to see what was nerfed / doesn't work anymore 

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Test Servers:


They could get the Design Council to test out this new stuff *Wink wink*.


To be serious though, as was talked about earlier, when entry into the Design Council was closed, the idea to let certain people in once in a while could really play into this.



I feel that it would be a great idea for the existing Design Council to test out this content, and then a certain number of invites could go out to random people (Maybe 50-100) that would allow them to join in for a select time period.  Amount of time could depend.

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I like the new UI EXCEPT for the navigation map.  The full-view instead of this 'circle of planets with blocky node names circling' is too


As far as Ordis goes, I don't mind how much he talks, so much as his limited spectrum of subjects.  Also, if you're going to give me two talking voices, I insist that Ordis speaks instead of Lotus, because she's not saying anything useful either.  =D


Other than that, great release!

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@poll - 


Ordis - should have an option to accompany you in missions and perhaps be sort of a comic relief , would make the solo missions more fun.


Ui -  its neat and all but for the love of ,your choice of imaginary omnipotent being , make it smaller , faster and most importantly less complicated it takes so many clicks to get to anything its just annoying. 

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Ordis just needs more things to choose from when talking, currently he feels like an AI that is lacking on the Intelligence.


The UI is OK. A bit much like a cheap console UI IMO. I'd like to see a way to still access the full star chart.

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Meta (sorry, will get round to addressing the topics later):

I definitely feel that the hot topics thread and especially the polls have really missed the mark on this one. What some don't seem to realize is that players don't respond to attempts to funnel feedback as much as they react to their own ingame experiences and create their own legitimate discussion threads. If the moderators chose to follow these player-initiated feedback threads and draw short summaries from those rather than try to funnel opinion into something that is predefined for players and lacking in options for expression (limited-choice polls), it would be way more useful in gauging community response to features and go a long way towards making players who have a view feel appreciated.

Don't get me wrong, these hot topics threads are definitely workable and a credit to [DE]Drew. They perform a function I have not seen in many other online communities, and my criticism here is quite small, I'll admit. I just feel that while it's the most convenient solution for staff, it might not necessarily be the most effective at what it does. Maybe taking summaries of major points brought up in player-initiated discussions would bring people up to speed and make for a better system of polling and discussion rather than have the source threads cited, and expect others not already in on 10+ pages of discussion to keep up. For example, a large argument against the current UI was brought up in a player-initiated thread, detailing the effect the UI has on colorblind players and how unfriendly it is. However, I've seen no mention of it as yet, and the poll for opinions on the UI seem woefully limited.

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I think that players should be immune to basic damage procs whalst their shields are up, all other procs are fine.


The UI is for the most part good but needs a lot of work in many places (such as your tenno blocking parts of the UI half the time).

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MK-1 Weapons: I have no solid opinion on these. I don't think that they're causing any problems with their addition to the market, but then again they have little to no effect on me as a player. I'm not desperate for mastery, and I already have the "upgraded" versions of pretty much all of them. I think it's good that newer players will have a wider selection of weapons that they can just flat-out purchase to try out, but I think it should be more clear that the non-MK1 weapons are going to feel decisively different to use. I'm glad that you guys are working towards a more defined tiering system, but you need to actually spell things out for us, and fix the glaring inconsistencies. (Boltor Prime, etc.)


Damage that bypasses shields is a more complicated issue than just "too strong" or "too weak." As I have said multiple times before, the problem with shield-bypassing is that it is either devastating or trivial. It's a binary circumstance, with no middle point between the two extremes. It's either deadly or harmless, never just "threatening." The problem is that you either have a means of recovering health (Trinity, Oberon, Nekros, Valkyr, Life Strike) or you don't. The poison situation was improved a bit with the change to how Toxic Ancients function, but that hasn't changed how players deal with them. Stay away and shoot, and Toxics are trivial. The best solution is to take RNG out of the equation entirely. Dispense with the random chance procs! Give players and enemies resistance pools and damage values associated with proc chance (these values damage resistance pools, not health.) Resistances regenerate like shields do, but at different rates. If the resistance is depleted, the victim is procced. This gives players time to respond to the threat of various procs, and the opportunity to raise defenses (e.g. abilities, taking cover, or blocking) or evade if possible. This would justify making procs stronger overall so that while a player can potentially avoid ever being procced, if they slacken their defenses too much they will be punished for it. 


This system, in turn, would be more fair in PVP. Players would have the same sorts of opportunities to respond to new threats, rather than being slapped with unavoidable punishment. If you keep the whole "bypasses shields instantly" aspect, though, it should NOT bypass shields in PVP, without a proc. (I'm looking at you, Toxin damage.) Some sort of shield bypass is necessary to effectively deal with some of the ridiculous shield values Warframes can have. (Rhino/Mag/Volt, etc.) 


Without doubt, Silva and Aegis should be more effective for blocking than other weapons. What else can distinguish a sword and shield weapon from just a sword with better reach and the same blocking proficiency? Also, please consider removing energy costs from channeling and stamina costs from sprinting/wallrunning and normal melee attacks. Instead, make channeling cost stamina alongside blocking, and adjust base stamina regeneration to compensate. This accomplishes a number of things:

1. It is an indirect buff to stamina mods.

2. Melee channeling is no longer fighting a losing battle with Warframe powers.

3. Warframes can be given variable stats (I haven't noticed any actual variation in stamina pools) where melee-oriented Warframes have more stamina to compensate for smaller energy pools. 

4. The negative bonuses to most Channeling Mods will be less severe. Who actually uses Warrior's Grip or True Punishment? Nobody I know, because the benefits aren't worth the energy. They'd be worth the stamina, though. (Though the tradeoffs in general need a look at, with how few +efficiency mods there are out there.)


And lastly, because I said I would keep bringing this up until someone from DE actually says something to it, what happened to this thread? Where are you going with the game? Which changes will you consider, which won't you? Hell, even just a "you're annoying; we're not gonna respond to that, so go away!" would do! SOMETHING to confirm that you're not just gonna try to sweep it under the rug because it's been a while since it was active.


Why am I so insistent? Because it's not like these sentiments have gone away. They've always been there. They're still there. It's just a question of when the next thing happens that riles people up the same way Devstream 30 did. U14 has been great. It has placated a lot of my concerns, and that in turn has distracted me from my ongoing concerns. But the afterglow is going to wear off eventually, and we'll still be stuck with a game composed of all sorts of awesome tidbits stacked precariously onto crumbling foundations. So, the question remains, how closely are you willing to work with the community on repairing those foundations? Do you even acknowledge them as a problem?KNOW at least some of you have read what I had to say. I understand that you guys don't have the time to drop a response on every thread that happens to pop up on the forums. What I'm wondering is why "That's very interesting, can anyone else confirm x miscellaneous and minor visual bug?" or "Very cool fanart!" takes immediate precedence over something that has a huge number of people up in arms about Warframe's future. 


At the end of the day, please respond, or simply refuse to respond. At least then I can stop wondering. 

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1) Voted for looking forward to have them in the market.

I don't understand why people complain about "boo I don't want to rank mastery fodder." For real now? I mean how blind can one be? For one; a low-cost credit alternative is going to help new players who think they've decided wrong, but will also help them with different damage types required to deal with Grineer and Corpus. That way they can buy weapons for cheap, easing them into the game. Of course, people can come up and say "but the start of the game is meant to be the platinum grab." I disagree. If you feel to be forced to purchase stuff with Platinum right from the start, you get the feeling it is a "pay to progress" game, and nobody wants that.

Next, since they're going to be low-cost alternatives, it means this is EASY Mastery rank fodder. Don't think about your MR12+, think about new players who want their Mastery Rank fix rather quick. This gives them a perfect opportunity to do so.


2) Damage bypassing shields should be more rare

I talk from a pure toxic damage perspective. I do NOT look forward to have new damage types bypassing shields. We have shields for a reason. Next, I don't understand why there is this trend to make Infested the "Toxic laden" faction. If you want to go hybrid damage types, why don't you pick more Viral? It still affects health, and maximum health reduced can as well be a pain.

Currently, we stumble through toxic cloud stacks while ancients continue to pull us in, and every now and then we die instantly when a toxic ancient is nearby, even if nothing hits us. This is not what "difficulty" is about.


3) I think damage should bypass shields in PvP

Since you decided to bring pvp into the game, you should keep it as close to the pve version as possible, meaning toxic damage should be a thing. So what if the new Meta means toxic damage all the way? Guess what, people will stack Antitoxin and Toxin Resistance. Surely, if you think it offsets balance, then you can reduce toxic damage. But still, keep it as "bypass shield" mechanic.


4) Ordis should chat more.

I also look forward to maybe have a quest ( and platinum purchase) of different patterns of behaviour to which he can be re-programmed, or perhaps even have different kinds of Ship Cephalons.


5) Current opinion on Silva & Aegis:


I won't repeat what I said in my bugs+suggestion topic, but it definitely needs a face lift. I don't talk damage, I talk about the way the weapon behaves in general. Feel free to take a look here *click*


6) My opinion on the new UI is:


The immersive Ship UI is fine, even though we need a few more access panels because as it stands, not everything can be accessed via direct interfacing.

The escape quick-menu is where the pain starts. You managed to make EVERY SINGLE THING slower than before. Longer waiting times due to transition animations, and EVERYWHERE we need more clicks now than before. Without exception. We cannot even quit the game if we are in the dojo, we need to go back to the Liset - ANOTHER loading screen - to do so, because more often than not if you Alt+F4 the game, the crash reporter comes up.

Furthermore, non-widescreen support is absolutely lacking, the mod section being split apart into 4 when it was previously a single thing is... a joke. A really bad joke at that.

And the unnecessary moving around of the UI... is not cool. It is annoying. Give us the option to turn it off. But if I have to condense my opinion into one single sentence, it would be this one;

"Functionality & Accessibility must ALWAYS and UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE be more important than graphical fidelity and you failed extraordinarily hard on this principle."



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