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Loki Problems?



Recently I was trying to bring my Loki to full potential because I didn't really know how most mechanics in this game worked until recently. So first I decided to increase his shield since it was only 56 (At max rank) ,but when I checked the wiki I was supposed to have 225. I thought maybe this was just the maximum achievable. But even with redirection at rank 6 I could only achieve 108 shield. Am I just looking at this wrong ,or is something wrong with my warframe?


p.s. There aren't any mods with negative side effects that would lower my shield. 

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The worst is when you leave your Hobbled Key on and forget about it, and your like dam Frost is ridiculously slow!


I was farming Kubrows for like two hours yesterday with an extinguished key on. Didnt even notice till I set up for Void. Facepalmed so hard :S

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