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It Just Occurred To Me...(Kubrow Cost)


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While reading someones post on the matter of why kubrows aren't as expensive as people think, i realized something. 

I realized that, being an endgame player with many credits, it isn't that i find the stabilization kits to be expensive in general. it's the fact that i'm paying so much money for something that yields no fun whatsoever...i go and farm sechura 5 times (a boring/time consuming task) so i can what?....raise a little blue bar with numbers on it.


It makes me think what else that money could go towards or what my time might have been better spent on. 


So a recap: 

-endgame players probably dislike stabilization most likely because they feel like they're time and credits are wasted on something that doesn't benefit their enjoyment at all.


-New players most likely hate stabilization because it ensures that their going to have to wait a long time before its a possibility for them to be able to maintain a kubrow. + bonus points for aggravation of having all of the necessary components dangling within reach of them right off the bat.


what do you guys think?

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Kinda have to agree here. Having to pay 100k credits every 1-2 weeks doesn't do anything to make me more attached to my Kubrow. Doing stuff with my Kubrow is what makes me get attached to it. If they removed the stabilization altogether, it wouldn't change anyone's level of fun. What it would change is the bragging rights for high level Tenno, and they already have an ego large enough to eclipse the sun.


Edit: I'm sure that if everyone had a pet dog in real life that never required them to feed it, it wouldn't effect any attachment or fun they could have with it.

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Makes sense.


Random experience today from a end-game player.



I thought my Sahasa was going to mature today and it seems it did not.  A maturity timer would be lovely because I really thought she went through 2 resets.  I said to myself well I still want to play.  I changed to my Sunika.  I then realized I hate it's colors so much that I don't even want to use it.  It's just ugly.  WELP I can't change the colors because that's a fun thing for me to do.  So I just ALT-F4'd  


I understand you can't pick everything you want.  But when you preach customization and having your own Kubrow that reflects only you...it kind of turns laughable because the approach you actually took.  


Can't change it's height/weight/fur colors/eye color/paw color/energy color/fur patterns........


But it's my personal Kubrow.......how many people have a pure White Kubrow?  I guess those are unique to the owner right >_>



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The credit cost is far too high that a lot of players can't afford it while building and fusing mods.

probably doesn't help things that they just added 4 or 5 10 rank mods SPECIFICALLY for the kubrows... one of which is a rare and lo and behold the health one is like leveling serration over again just so your pet has some hit points.

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