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"Fixed the Carrier sentinel being seemingly 1 hit killed by enemy Kubrows and Volatile Infested." - about time, seriously.



Can we now please once more see how many players are active on a planet and mission again?

I greatly benefited from that when clearing my star-chart, I can imagine a new player would love to see if there are PUGs available before clicking and waiting, and a little number in these big mission fields wouldn't be too hard to maintain, right? It doesn't need to be real-time, either, just 'on load' of the planet.


Also, shifting from one planet to the next without having to hit 'esc' each time, then having to remember what planet you were in, that would be very neat, too.


Also, UI-wise, the manual hover flip-down on the team-mate loadout is not just unnecessary, as the room is there and doesn't get used by anything else, but also a downgrade that doesn't have to be one.

At least you still see their dragon key, that is if the UI doesn't bug out, but I'd rather have all of those four loadouts showing completely, so I can have that on one glance.


Also, please consider us being able to equip gear (as in, Dragon Keys) while seeing what the others have on, not having to frantically remember the three other keys present. This could either be done by the ability to access the gear loadout from the Team menu, or the Team-menu being a constant overlay.

I'm pretty sure it wouldn't hurt the Arsenal UI, or even the Foundry if the Team loadout is always present in your ship when you are part of one.


Other than that, please rethink the whole Kubrow situation a little (especially the Stasis cooldown and the limitation to one unfrosted kubrow, as well as the decay under 100% that should only occur upon Kubrow death, imho), then U14 would be awesome.


Really, really digging the new tutorial and immersion, even tho the Liset is a huge performance hog, especially the new star-chart.

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  • Added in settings for ‘Invite’ reception preferences. This setting allows you to choose from whom you receive game invites: All Players, Friends Only, or None.

Thank you so much for this one!! Now I should be able to play without getting a random invite from someone I don't know every 5 minutes.

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  • Fixed Kubrow finishers dealing double damage. They will now do the same damage as their normal melee damage. The next step here is getting the Kubrow Damage values displaying in the UI, and we’ll get this up and running as soon as we can. Sorry for the disconnect.


Ehhh, honestly, I think anything that makes Kubrows worse is a bad thing. They're already credit sinks you have to take care of, on top of that a carrier w/sweeper provides so much more utility and now more firepower that the kubrows are just good for novelty.

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  • XP is no longer Radial and is shared Team wide.



This change is HUUUUUUGE :o

And its on the list, just like any small tweek.


This wont stop door/hallway heroes, but it's a good news since all the squad shall win xp now.

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