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Wts>Hyena Raksa Kubrow

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Female Raksa Kubrow that has a hyena fur pattern and nice rare colors: Black, Brownish, and some white fur on around the feet and body area. It's similar to the one in the codex.


Many of you have asked [i've made up my mind]:

This will be done in an auction style like manner, no buyout because unfortunately I can't think of one but will end on an exact time.

TIME: July, 26, 2014 at 7:30 PM EDT US. 


Imprints left: 2

Current bid: 385 plat for both.


I have decided to move the time to an earlier one in the interest of the current bidders. As the time frame has now been shorten, this increases their chances at buying this for the amount they've offered.


Leave your offers below. If you wish to offer me a large sum of plat for it and wish to remain anonymous, you may do so via Private message. If I'm not in-game leave it in my inbox here on the forums.


I will be looking at the time you've sent it to me and I will be posting a screenshot of it, if said winner is via PM, name, avatar obviously will be cropped out.


Confirmation that using both imprints yields a 100% chance at what you see in the picture: https://twitter.com/...370343710208000







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