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Mercenaries For Hire 2.0!



NOTE: This is only for mutual benefit, and for fun.


Do you need some resources? An item? Something else? Don't have the time? Well, now you can hire the Omega Resistance mercenaries for small amounts of platinum to get them for you! Simply leave the item you would like retrieved in a reply to this thread and we will add you over Warframe and discuss the details. Note: We reserve the right to deny service. We are a small clan and can only do so much. In the events that retrieval is failed over a set amount of time, you will get all the items we gathered and most of your platinum back.

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nothing is for fun when people have to pay for your service.

and who would anyway? This is a grinding game

Nobody is forcing you to do it. If people need help getting an item or something they can. Its really only around 5 platinum for blueprints. Why not?

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