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Need Help With End Game Build!



Right now I making a Nekros with Soul Punch, Terrify, Desecrate, Shadows of the Dead, Vitality, Streamline, Equilibrium, Flow, Intensity, and Fleeting expertise with Energy Siphon as my aura (Going to make them Maxed out). But I don't know what to have for my weapons and what mods should go into them (I have a Soma).

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Add crit mods to your Soma. Personally I go for fire rate, crit and damage mods for my Soma build. Akstilettos are a great secondary. You will have to add a forma or two to really make it shine. Same mod build as the Soma essentially.

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Search this section of nekros builds.

The equilibrium/vitality stuff doesn't really work like you would hope, it can be ok on low tier but not at all endgame, and you need Rage and Quick Thinking to make it work at moderately high level.


I personally feel shadows and Soul Punch are throw away skills if you talking end game levels.  Some still like Shadows, but the way i've modded for desecrate Shadows becomes a bit weak.

I've Forma'd my aura to a -- bar, I use energy siphon when solo or for most random runs.  "end game" or full team survival on Ceres or ODS and T3/4 survival go with Corrosive Projection at least one other on the team should have that and the other two same or rifle amp.  By the time it is important there are so many enemies energy balls are not in short supply, just keep desecrating.


Fear - under-appreciated IMO

Redirection and Vitality - mine are not maxed because I need to forma 2 more times to do that and just haven't.

Natural Talent because Desecrate is a slow animation, and hell fear should be more instant

Fleeting expertise maxed and Streamline at 2 (or 3 never remember what gets you to 75% the efficiency cap) Fleeting shortens the duration which is actually good for Fear.

Stretch - a lot of builds also have Overextended, I find Stretch to be plenty of range for the desecrate if everyone is killing at least near everyone.  For some defense maps I have a Separate build that has Overextended and gets rid of Fear, I then have to go with a near zero rank Vitality, also E-Siphon on that build.

Intensify - good for fear to grab more targets, actually without Intensify the power is pretty - meh at best

Flow - because I absolutely spam 3, even in the times I can fill up on energy I want to be more full.


As far as Soma, however many forma it takes for this:


I trade Infected Clip for Hellfire for Radiation against Grineer. 




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I agree with most of this, but I'm not a fan of Flow. Also Soul Punch is great for weapons with long reloads, stagger to protect yourself during the animation.

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Did you Intend for this to be an empty build? Because it is.


Edit: Put below quote


Edit 2: Made text readable

Nope pure fail on my part, I didn't check the link, and well... I don't normally link to that site even though I look at it a lot.

Build is everything maxed

Serration, Heavy Caliber, Split chamber, Shred - The basics, but I also prefer Shred for both the fire rate and punch through.  3 round burst taking down 5 mobs is nice.  Just remember to burst fire and not go full auto bullet hose

Vital Sense, Point Strike - The Crit mods. 

Infected Clip and Storm Bringer - Corrosive for infested and Corrupted

Lots of math here and there on the forums, and well... I pay attention to what others say but don't normally try and figure out a min/max myself but go with what I feel is working best for me or suits a play style.  Therefore I prefer the 2 elemental combo rather than Hammershot, and Critical Delay is a no go for a gun that can't go beyond 100% crit.


I agree with most of this, but I'm not a fan of Flow. Also Soul Punch is great for weapons with long reloads, stagger to protect yourself during the animation.

Well i normally like your advice on builds, and i've totally re-done some based on what you have posted in other threads.  My Nekros is kinda my own independent build from trial and error, but I probably check out one of your suggested builds to at least make myself feel better about what i'm doing.

Flow vs Soul Punch I guess is personal preference.  It would take some getting used to for me to use the soul punch but for late game survival I normally run a Penta and Brakk so if I do get stuck reloading the Penta I actually switch to the Brakk.  Not something do very well with other weapons or games actually. 

Strange also I often find myself in little energy droughts, and having the increased amount seems to help, or at least make me feel like it helps.

Nekros does start with a relatively small energy pool and I've always preached to mod to increase the strength of a weapon or frame rather than try and overcome its weakness.

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TBH I've been considering a Terrify build for Survivals but I find it harder to kill enemies running from me as I'm really familiar with normal enemy pathing. Any arranged team comp usually already has some form of CC, I find it easier/better to just focus on 3 and EHP.


For the Soma build, I would suggest the same, but offer Cryo Rounds or Hammer Shot instead of Heavy Caliber. HCal offers ~23-25% more damage per shot / DPS, but you lose a significant chunk of accuracy, especially if you're not upclose+personal. Given that headshots have an average multiplier of 3.5x damage, it's better (imo) to aim for headshots against heavies and as you get to really high levels, and you lose a significant chunk of damage when shots miss due to the increased spread from HCal.

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A small note but the issue with Terrify is that it needs a combination of radius and power strength to remain effective.  As a result Overextended is a hindrance more than a help, which goes against Desecrate as you lose a substantial amount of range.  For smaller Defense maps I have a Terrify+Desecrate build (w/ Stretch+Intensify) but for Survival you want as much radius as possible.  Terrify simply doesn't conform to this style of play because with a large radius it does not prioritize targets based on any specific condition.  So it selects the maximum number of targets within the total radius and this may not include the Heavy Gunner camping on top of a downed teammate.  Terrify is just too random and with power lockout you really suffer from the RNG because of it.

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I really don't find overextended worth it in survival.  You are either close enough or waaay to far away in my experience.  The benefit to overextended is really a handful of corpses over a ~15 to 20 minute period.  Yes overextended nerfs fear way too much.  It is the smaller defense maps that overextended is awesome because people are hitting mobs coming from the doorways on opposite sides of the map where if you are standing on the pod you are just barely out of range of all of them.  Overextended grabs them all.


Fear can be situational and in long survivals yes the team usually has one or two better CCs but stuff happens, like when the radial disarm'd enemies stat to overwhelm a bit too much, the debuff from fear is outstanding.  Also with the short duration, if you are caught with lifesupport failing and needing to make a mad dash to the exit, it is really nice to have and can be cast 2 or 3 times.


Soma, I personally find the HC accuracy issue to be not there.  Basically if the opponents head (be honest heavy gunners are the only issue, or other heavies in straight Grineer missions) fits inside the reticule you will head shot them.  If their head doesn't mostly fill inside the aiming reticule then there is probably closer targets to focus on and come back to that one in a couple seconds.  But even at the longest ranges I only see 3 or so rounds go wide.  The bigger issue is that by 40 minutes no matter the build it is taking a LOT of rounds to take down targets with the Soma, but it is an overkill beast before that.

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I really don't find overextended worth it in survival.  You are either close enough or waaay to far away in my experience.  The benefit to overextended is really a handful of corpses over a ~15 to 20 minute period.  Yes overextended nerfs fear way too much.

I think this is more a matter of opinion over Nekros' role, rather than the mod's effectiveness. IMO your priority is providing LS and staying alive, secondary role is providing DPS. Everything else is tertiary to me, and thus not the 'point' of bringing the frame. If I can get a few more LS capsules by installing a mod, that takes priority. If I can stay out of LoS (and thus not get shot as much (and thus not die as much (and thus not decrease team killrate by forcing revives))) by nearly doubling my effective range (and actually increasing area affected by over 2.5x) I'm bringing that mod.


Even without OE, I think Terrify is lacking. You probably need Intensify at least to make it effective. 12 targets randomly selected within 841 square meters is just too random, imo. When a gunner's shooting at you as you cast and then they're not one of the enemies feared, that's gonna hurt.

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