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Kubrows, The Color Fix, And White


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Overall I love the change to colors.  However, one thing I strongly dislike is that white seems to have been completely removed from kubrows.  I know there were complaints about a lot of white kubrows, but turning all white into a drab gray is not the answer.  Drab gray is a very unattractive color.


Here is a comparison.  This first image is a parent imprint that I recently used.  Notice the almost foxlike colors:



Now this was the offspring which inherited the exact same color and pattern.  Notice that the orange color looks fantastic now!  But the white has become a terrible gray which is considerably less appealing than the previous white would have been.



Not sure if anything can or will be done, but just wanted to share my opinion.  It wasn't fun to have all whites all the time, but the color is irreplaceable when it comes to making very nice looking kubrow patterns.

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