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Wts/auctioning Tribal Lotus Awesome Color Sunika Kubrow 2 Imprints

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So i got this kubrow, http://i.imgur.com/BGqSKyi.jpg and was thinking of selling it. Now ive got an offer for 150p/2 prints, but then my friend said i could get more, and seems he's right. The forums is full of kubrow sales and auctions prices are more than 150, some are 250 and 350 and the auctions not even completed. So i'd like to sell my kubrows prints, the patterns the usual lotus rare, but the color is what i like. Looks tribal and awesome, it looks even cooler after the gamma hotfix. As for prices i was thinking starting from 150 cos thats where i left off, buyout is 350. Pm here if interested, and i play warframe everyday, so feel free to trade anytime. So this is an auction, increment = 15, or if u wanna buy right away please post good prices thank you.


Here are more pics :





And here's him before the gamma update, i guess being patient really does reward you





ill buy it out

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Ah beat me to it :(. If you get the imprints from the pup though and the end up looking like OP's I'd love to purchase them off you!


Update:  apparently even though I PUT MY BID UP HERE HOURS AGO, someone sniped me and didn't even bother putting a freaking offer in or wait and let me even try to outbid him.  THANKS for saving me plat!

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