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Nova's Anti-Matter Drop Bug, Nyx Abosrb Bug


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As the title states, Nova's AMD is not working as intended when your not host. When you shoot the orb, it is supposed to absorb the damage and amplify it as it explodes. However, when your not host, the orb does not absorb ANY damage whatsoever. I am getting the base damage of 200 when I use AMD.


Another bug that seems to share the same problem as Nova's ADM is Nyx's Absorb. Before the U14, I was able to shoot a penta grenade at the ground, and activate Absorb before I manually explode the grenade, allowing me to absorb the grenade damage. Now, after U14, I am not able to recreate this when I'm not host. 


Clearly, there is something buggy with the internet connection between host and client after U14, and it has made some skills (Nova's AMD) and other strategies completely useless.


DE, I hope you read this and get this fixed as soon as possible, I would expect you guys to have solved this after 9 hotfixes...



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