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If You Lived In The Warframe Universe, What Would You Be?

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First off I'd like to debunk part of OP's description of Tenno. Vor's line was metaphorical and implied that the Tenno's powers came from the Tenno him/herself and not the Warframe. Furthermore that the Warframe simply shapes the user's power into something usable, IE: Ice bubbles, Electric jolts etc.. Hence why no one else has such powerful weapons. And hence why the corpus needed the Tenno inside Valkyr to conduct experiments instead of just desecrating an empty frame and then shoving a crewman inside. *cough* Back on topic *cough*


I'd be a Tenno definitely. Flying around in my Stealth ship, blowing up Grineer ships. :D

Either that or a Corpus Scientist/Engineer. 


Nope, they are hideiously twisted, if you read all available information, what is under the suits is 100% not human in shape, look, or anything. Frankenstein's monster would reel and call your a freak if he saw.

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An old, infested creature, created to fight in the Old War. Spending my time writing haiku on a Derelict Orokin ship walls with thick goo I produce. Occasionally, I'd send strange visions to ambitious Corpus scientists, promising to reveal the secrets of my old Orokin Masters. They'd dispatch search parties to the ship I reside in and I would chew and digest those tasty, ambitious researchers, growing in size and producing more goo to write haiku with.

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I would be tenno, since the technology is so powerful, and my kubrows :D, but if i lived in the Warframe Unvierse, i would take my kubrow army and go onto missions with all of them, and destory the grineer and corpus with Mirage and Phage and take back earth and Towers

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Grineer? Corpus?  Tenno?


If we consider that all Tenno are in Warframes and are hideious globs of flesh underneath with nothing resembling a human form, and can never take the suit off. Would you be one? You'd be a badass, but there's no life besides battling as one. You live to fight. There's no watching TV. No eating. No sex, family, children, ect.  Though in the latest update, Vor claims you are a type of energy, a being made of light, with a Warframe giving you shape.


Would you be a decaying, disgusting, Grineer? With some of the issues as the Tenno, but still, more human.


Or would you be Corpus? Mostly human, but hidden away, much is unknown about them.


Corpus sounds the closest to not being screwed up. You could actually be a generally well off human merchant.


Might you even be...an Infested? Hmm. Now that would be an odd choice.


In the Warframe Universe, what would you be?






While tenno are certainly some type of posthuman cyborg, there's no reason why you wouldn't be able to pursue recreational activities. Also, Grineer are an absolutely terrible source of information on the Tenno, considering they're a group of superstitious inbred clones who seem to practice some kind of religion and view the Tenno as horrible demons. Going by the Codex Tenno appear to be posthuman cyborgs that were submerged in void to be granted esoteric powers. Looking at the appearance of the suits, some are probably still just normal humans, like Excalibur or Nyx, while others like Oberon, Rhino, and Nekros are either "dead" or fused with their suits on some permanent level.



As a Transhumanist myself, I'd happily sacrifice any biological part of my body in favor of the machine. Oberon, Hydroid, and Volt would all be favorable choices.

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