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Can we please put in the old "solar system" back in? or at least have it as an option to pick between old or new. it was so much more user friendly,  clear and easier to use.Navigation of nodes didn't require extra steps like "spinning" the planet to see what nodes are on the other side, I could jump from a planet to planet without having to exit the planetary map and they were always in the same spot. All planets made sense ( closer to the sun = easier and further from the sun = harder )


I could always tell what the planet was by its size and distance from the sun. Now all planets are the same size / distance and its really hard to tell what is what especially if you are partially colorblind. Old solar system actually made me think that I was navigating in space .. now I'm just picking some mission from a ball. And whats up with that triangle line thing? ... it makes no sense and just looks like some random lines  ( I honestly don't know how to describe it, but it goes above your head and to the sides toward the "planets" makes kinda like a pyramid thing or something )


Old system also showed alerts in form of an image now its just words. So picking what you wanted to do was much faster and If a player does not have a lot of time to play having all the information at a glance was much more useful and sped the process that lead to actual game-play up. Now we got to read all the alerts before we find what we want to do. Not against reading or more information but an ability to know what is happening and where at a glance ( especially for alerts ) would be greatly appreciated.


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