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Typical Capcom Weaknesses: Boss Invulnerability Phases


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Hey everyone, I have 512 hours on Warframe and I've been playing this game since the open beta, and It's literally one of the F2P's I have the most fun on. It's a great game, and it had great potential and it still does, But there's a thing I have to critique on.


It's the whole Capcom weakness. Mostly on Lephantis and Sargas Ruk.


Lephantis is really just so god damn annoying with the three different sets of attacks, but it's fun. Most recently, me and my friend were just fighting him, and having fully modded frames and weapons. We thought we were fine, but we have to wait on them to open up for their obvious weak spots, and even then. Our weapons do barely enough damage to get the heads to 80-70% HP. I feel as though some of the bosses that have these moments need to be nerfed, and I get that Lephantis should be a boss that rely on firing guns to attack it, but even the main part of the boss is immune to melee damage, which makes Valkyr 99.9% Worthless, the other 0.01% is the reviving tactic for teammates.


It's kind of a game breaker, and we hope ya'll at DE could revise this even in the slightest.



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op did not bother to post his loadouts


i'm almost 99% sure he did not take advantage of the bossess' weakness.


if you are conditioned to press one button and then a few weeks later you have to press 5 other buttons people will begin to lose their neural sensors.

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A challenging boss is fun, but Lephantis is currently simply a bullet sponge if your using simple mid-game loadouts ( suitable to lvl 40-ish) most people are familiar with. That being said, making the boss have too much HP makes it pathetic to try and solo them without only the best of the best weapons and mods. 


I.E, You cannot play the boss on solo without an "endgame build", The very same thing the Devs have said they don't want to see too much of in a game meant to be fun :/


I don't blame them, but  I think they could have approached buffign Lephantis in another manner.

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I think corpus and grineer bosses should have shields, and their brief periods of invulnerability. Infested bosses, should be bullet sponges, especially lephantis.


What guns are you using?


My 0-forma boltor prime (not even maxed serration) can deal with each head quickly and effectively.

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