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Enemy Concept Collection-Bunch Of Different Ideas!


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Brainstormed a bunch of Warframe ideas for enemies!


Grineer Executioners: Gruesome Axe-Wielders!


Corpus Falcon: Super Robots!


Crusher and Widows: Cuz big fists are always cool!


Tongue Charger/Crawlers: Pull their prey right into their maws!


Bloats: The Infested got bigger!


The Lost King: He sits on his throne, watching the trapped Tenno fight for their lives!



Feedback is appreciated!

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The drums in the deep, like a heart beating again. The twin queen's love, the twin queens fear. The drum beat signals the return of the first Grineer. The queens' betrayal will not go unpunished, while the infested are puppets to him.

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