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Just a conversation that took place today on teamspeak, don't know why but I found it quite amusing for several hours afterwards (easily amused I guess).  I'm Muffles btw.


<08:34:03> "Muffles": totes
<08:34:11> "t**********r": totes?
<08:34:15> "Muffles": yes totes
<08:34:19> "t**********r": totes is?
<08:34:23> "Muffles": totes is totes
<08:34:41> "t**********r": wth is totes XD
<08:34:44> "t**********r": what does it mean
<08:34:46> "t**********r": what is it
<08:34:48> "Muffles": means totes
<08:34:55> "t**********r": what does it looks like
<08:35:09> "Muffles": looks like totes and tastes likes totes must be totes
<08:35:23> "t**********r": dafuq

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