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Mouse Movement Causing Visual Lag And Crashing


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this problem occasionally happens to me since U14. sometimes, at the log in screen, if i ever move my mouse slightly, there will be a slight lag spike accompanying that slight mouse movement. so i tried moving the mouse cursor rapidly at the log in screen and after a while the game crashes.


i also tried logging in with minimal mouse movement and when i am in my ship, if i only move with my keyboard, the framerate is fine at around 230fps with vsync off. but the moment i move my mouse, there will be a lagspike. every slight movement will trigger the lagspike.


any help will be appreciated. i'm wondering what is causing this though. i will post additional pc specs as needed.


cpu: i5-4570

gpu: radeon r9 270x

ram: 8gb

os: win 7 64bit

mouse: thermaltake black gaming mouse

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