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Earth Hasn't Appeared.


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My brother and I were trying to do an alert awhile ago on Lith, Earth, to get a Reactor for him and me, well, he doesn't have Earth because apparently he skipped the prologue.

We did that node twice, turns out it wasn't the alert mission but the actual mission assigned to that node.

It was strange though, I had to relog to make the alert reappear.

I figure we weren't able to do the alert because he doesn't have access to Earth itself.

Besides all that, and being disappointed, we're just wondering if there's any way that he can get Earth to appear on his solar map at all.

He's defeated Jackal and started the Kubrow quest, but naturally, Vor's Prize is just "???" on his Codex.

Despite starting the Kubrow quest, Earth still hasn't appeared.


Again, is there any way at all that we can get Earth on his solar map?


I've seen only one other thread like this, and it hasn't gotten much action nor replies.


Please answer.

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To my knowledge you are going to have to wait for an eventual fix to this issue. I've seen many folk that do not have Earth access and you are supposed to have access to it before anything else. There is not even a Nav Segment that unlocks Earth. Your bro should just consider himself lucky he has you to get him there.


There's really not a solution for this... at current.

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