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Whoever Incharge Please Read This


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so i have been farming beacon in ceres for couple of days after patch 14 was release. i realise that delta beacon has been a common drop from prosecutor(as i recall is the other way round). as for other beacon they hardly drop especially kappa beacon!!! furthermore why would u guys implement such a tedious system just to fight vay hek? if new player were to fight him they have several problem that they need to overcome:

it is very hard for new players to solo in ceres
what the hell... not many people play go ceres to play surv or def mission all of them move straight to void mission for prime stuff

low spaw rate of prosecutor= repetitive grinding which new players are not hoping to experience
to craft the key just to get to vay hek we need to wait an hour? can't it be 1 minute like vault key? what is the purpose for us to wait an hour?
not many people host vay hek as many old/veteran players already have hydroid. THIS IS A MAJOR PROBLEM AS THE BOSS IS BECOMING LESS POPULAR!!!!

i hope whoever incharge would take this into consideration and do something about it ASAP!!!

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You are talking of new players as if they'd walk into the game and go play on Ceres.


There has been a change in the way beacons are dropped. Delta beacons now drop from prosecutors on Survival and Defense missions, while the rest are dropped in others.


The ODA key also takes an hour.


After the initial release of a boss, of course less people will be hosting it. I still see people doing it.

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While the grind wall hek is behind is a problem I believe the other beacons drop only on missions that deltas don't drop which might be why they are harder to find.

Also, by the time a player is at ceres they're not exactly new and should have a good idea of how the game works etc.

I don't really care about the hour wait because i can just grind for more beacons (which I will probably need because i won't get the part I want) while I wait.


I havn't grinded for beacons in a while but you could just be having bad luck because assuming the beacons are as easy to get as the patch notes say then you could say the grind wall issue has been fixed. 

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