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Ended - Kubrow Auction Lotus/rare Colours And Patterns X7

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x2 available
Fur: Red, Orange and Blue
Pattern: Red Legs, Orange patched ears butt and belly
Start: 30p
Buyout: 200p
Current Bid:
Male or Female? Breed?


Ah i forgot to type the the type of kubrow! ty for spotting, its a female huris

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Ill buyout the imprint for the 5th one down, the black and blue "Cool Sahasa".   Ill be on tonight and tomorrow around this time if you want to trade soon.

Thanks for your purchase!



I'll put 30p on both imprints than.

Sorry to say you have been outbid!

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Congratulation to all winners!



Silent Sunika - 90p VanishingSiren5

Stunning Sahasa - 120p Architrex


Fierce Huras - 50p jennibear


I will send PMs to winner and trade will be done as soon as possible for you.


Thank you for everyone who showed interested and i'm so sorry if you didn't win what you wanted.


1355 views incredible!


All remaining kubrows will be sold at a later date or traded for other imprints that interest me - PM me with offers if your interested!

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