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Returning Long Time Player With Some ?'s



So I have been away from the game for a bit and I know a few updates have come and gone which is what brought me back in but I now have some questions about a few things and was hoping to get some info from the tenno here.


Banshee / Nyx / Nova


I know these frames were reworked a little so my min max builds from before probably do not hold true anymore, can anyone point me in the right direction for a min/max build for each frame or give some feedback to how the changes benefit each frame and if they are still viable or not.


New Weapons


Sybaris and amprex seem like monsters when modded right but are there any others that have come out in a the last 2-3 months that are worth a few forma ?


I think thats about it, I dont care much about the new prime stuff because I bought prime access to support DE and I already had the cicero set so vor being added to the void is meh to me as well.

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Banshee and Nyx have toggle-able ults now, but their full potentials are much more interesting to discuss, I simply couldn't explain it all in this thread. 


Meanwhile, Novas ult now has the ability to speed up enemies, making her useful as a utility frame in long defenses especially vs infested (use a max overextend), while having a tad less damage. Antimatter drop is still viable. Overalll, all the frames are still vable, and are in fact more fun after the changess


Amprex is a crit monster, but check out Angstrum its a decent secondary with massive blast dmg.


Nothing much else worth talking about. 


Enjoy :D

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For the builds that your looking for i suggest you watch videos on youtube channels like "Mogamu , Peoples Choice Gaming, Calpyso Gaming, and AGGP" are good to learn about builsds.


New weapons that are good? well there is the boltor prime thats a beast but its not very new, i suggest that weapon

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I dont use those frames often but the changes I know about are that banshees silence skill now travels with her like embers world on fire, nyxs absorb can explode whenever you want after activating it to try an save energy and novas molecular prime when activated gradually goes out instead of being instant and if you use a negative power strength build it will make enemies go faster. Thats all I know about those frames thats new

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