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Warframe Legacy - And Now Chaos Is Given Words.-Nyx-


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well, now im done with nyx, this took longer then i expected, getting nyx done for the art was way more time consuming 

then i originally expected, the writing for this came rather easy, as i adore nyx and play her alot.


as always the writing is below the art, enjoy







The fleeting glimpse of things that might be,
a single second of a possibility before it moved.
thoughts echoed through the battlefield as they always do.
haunting, yet beautiful in their  melody.

a symphony born from a mess.
thus is is the nature of, minds that live in states of unrest

what was once here, firmly planted in the reality we live in,
is now gone, a fleeting memory of order.
images and colors distorted on a whim.

the mesmerizing allure of such madness.
seems insane to even attempt to grasp.

the chaotic ethereal beauty.
the endless spiral down,
a perfect descent before the crescendo.

as if the world and reality pulled inwards.
before bursting outward in a masterpiece.

a masterpiece that only madness could understand.
for them this is eternal unrest. a nightmare they desire to flee
for her, it was symphony of perfection,
the beauty transcending reality, for her, it was embraced like an old friend.

her name was Nyx


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I'd embrace her, but I already have a pretty serious commitment.


Great work, though!

Off topic, but do you have a full body show of her outfit?  I want to make it.  For reasons...


On Topic, that was awesome!

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