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Gas Element Needs A More Unique Proc


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Right now, Gas damage creates a cloud that procs Toxic on enemies within. My problem here is that it's basically repeating what another element (toxic) does, only in a small AoE.


My thoughts on Gas Damage is that the Gas cloud it spawns should cause a different effect. In addition, Mutalist Ospreys should deal Gas damage, so that their clouds remain dangerous places to longer but don't bypass shields (leaving the bypassing expertise to Toxic Ancients and Crawlers).


- Gas proc increases damage taken by Gas damage by 50%,

- Gas proc increases damage taken by all other sources by 15%-20%

- Gas proc reduces stamina by 50% (would only affect Warframes, so this effect would be paired with another one).


If that proc seems somewhat powerful to thew element, it's suggested in the knowledge that Gas is not a popular element to run against anything but Infested, and even then Corrosive and Blast/Fire is seen as a more effective elemental choice. Now, the Gas element has the ability to power itself up and overcome elemental resistances, as well as provide a factor of team support by debuffing targets.

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but gaz is actually aoe toxin and it also stunn a bit combined with Cold its a pretty versatil combo...



as a side not i would like magnetik to have some actual proc beside shield damage effect


like atracting two magnitized target to each other

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I had a small suggestion somewhere that Gas damage status effects would make the user increase stamina cost for movement and slower fire rate/attack speed. 


EDIT: That was the Gas Eximus aura effect. Keep on getting that messed up. Sorry!

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eh I'd rather keep Gas as the "wall of DoT" that is currently is, not to mention since it isn't tied to a proc of its own, you can trigger it on the same target multiple times for great crowd combat options.


Also since it procs toxin, it's good against groups of corpus as well, even though they resist the gas, they don't resist the DoT.

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