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Items Bought From The Market Not Showing The Right Amount Of Bought Item


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I bought the Kubrow starter pack from the market apon release there was nothing unusual about it at the time as i was still learning the purposes of the items and what i needed to do with them, i didnt notice until my kubrow had hatched and fully matured 'a few days later' that with the purchase of my Kubrow starter pack i should recieve x6 of the DNA Stabilizers i had only received x1, i only noticed because i re-read through the items description stating you get x6 DNA Stabilizers but i had just used 1 and found i had no more, normally i wouldn't let this bother me but i spent a good amount of platinum on the started pack and would like to get what i paid for.  

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This should have been fixed.

It was in the patch notes somewhere, and it was fixed for me, recently.


Can you check again to verify ? If not, you'll probably have to open a Support Ticket.

I just looked again but i didnt have any so i bought the 100,000 credits item pack with x6 DNA stabilizers, if it was fixed it never gave me the ones i was missing. i saved it for a while for my Kubrows health stat to drop a bit before using because i had no idea how much it would restore, so the first DNA Stabilizer i used today then relized a had none. (So they still haven't been added or fixed.)

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