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I've been playing warframe since the PS4 came out but have just started to really get into the game. I am currently Mastery rank 4 and about to turn 5. I would love to join your clan and would dedicate my time to make this clan better. I hope I'll be accepted. My PSN ID is MattU2Smoove. Please message me when you get online. I'll respond back at around 8

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im looking to join the clan, are alot of you guys based in the UK?

Im currently mastery rank 4 nearly 5.

i have built excalibur, rhino and valykr.

the weapons im using currently are twin vipors & tetra rifle & gram sword.


send me a clan invite on psn: Barrons


i usually play monday - friday after 5pm for a couple of hours and then at weekends aswell.

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I just left a dead clan and if you guys are active, please invite me. I'm looking for a smaller clan with people I can really game with. PSN id is same as username. I'm on just about every night, although only been playing the game for a couple months. I do have a mic, I rarely use it but I can if its needed.

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hey, I am the same guy who sent the message on ps4, just posting details here for refrence


-play style, I like playing in teams more than just solo but since I am new to ps4 (came from xbox 360) I usually play with random people, that is why I was interested to join a group for more team play


-I usually play from 3 pm pacific (thats about 6 eastern) for a couple hours or more depending on if I have time that day


-I play as a rhino, use karak, Dex Furis, Skana, Dethcube and focus on providing cover for teammates to revive each other and if there shields go down/just overall support against enemy waves.


-I usually stick to PvE but wouldn't mind playing PvP


I am a gold initiate (level 3) however am just a couple of matches away from level four


I look forwarding to playing with you guys, thanks for the opportunity to join the clan (I accepted the invite btw), just posting this so you guys have a way to get to know my playstyle if you need teammates 

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