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The Kubrow And Nyx


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I will start off by saying that I really like the kubrows, however, when playing as Nyx and using absorb the once bloodthirsty kubrow turns passive and just stands there, leaving it vulnerable to AoE damage aimed at Nyx (and relatively useless).

In truth, when using absorb the kubrow should go into frenzy because that's the time none of the enemies are interested in it existing.


It seems the kubrow only attacks if the player is actively attacking and thus when using absorb which doesn't do damage until released, it goes into passive mode.

I suppose a fix to this would be for the game to constantly register attacks of 0 damage (without showing to the players) to any enemy within the radius of the blast of absorb until released - thus fulfilling the criteria for the kubrow to attack. A simpler solution might however be to make using absorb into an on switch for the aggressive behavior of the kubrow.

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