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I'm a level 16 excalibur...250 health 250 armour


weapon level ca. level 20, mk1 Braton, Aklato and skana. (Mods with some upgrades).


I hear a lot about weapon mastery, why is this so important?


I failed my first rank test. Is my setup good enough to pass the test?


Any tips on leveling my warframe? (I just startet Venus)

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Defense and survival missions are the best for EXP to level up your frame and weapons.  As a bonus those missions reward mods considered essential to have, for example Serration (increase rifle damage) is a wave 10 defense reward.  That mod in particular would help you pass the Mastery Rank test but so would a better gun.  Regardless, you can pass the test with what you have.


Mastery Rank really isn't important except for one thing: unlocking the best weapons in the game.  If you go into the market and something says "XP locked" that means you need a higher rank to use it.  The wiki is the best place to see what unlocks at each rank.

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The first test is pretty tough if you don't have good gear yet. When you get the credits, go to the Market and buy the regular Braton, not the Mk-1. It's a lot better, and you don't need platinum to get it! The other half of the equation is mods. Whenever you can, put on element-adding mods and damage-increasers like Serration. The elemental isn't converting a percentage to that element, it's adding it straight to the top.


Another thing it took me a bit to realize about the Mastery Tests: they take away most of your weapons, but they DON'T take away your abilites ;D Slash Dash the stuffing out of 'em!


The Mastery Ranks themselves are pretty important up to Rank 8; at that point, all of 'em give you access to new weapons to build, along with the Rhino warframe along the way.


Getting weapons to Lv30 is important if you want to get your Mastery Rank up: your Mastery Rank depends on things like getting weapons and gear up to rank 30 and hitting mission nodes you haven't hit yet. Always get a weapon up to 30 before you sell it for something new; after 30, you can sell it for some spare credits and to free up a slot if it's a weapon you don't want to keep.

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