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Just Sayin... Op Kubrow Prices-Wtb Kubrow Red Prints 200P

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Well 200 300 s fine, but 900? Not so much, someone who bought a kubrow print for 900 has revolutionized kubrows prices from 10-50 to 300-600p. And im talking about common ones here. Sure 300-600 is reasonable for lotus/ tiger stripes but if the colors arent good, why bother? But then if you guys really like the colors, even if theyre not rare, go for it. Also if you have red kubrows with any pattern, but must be mostly red, preferably lotus or tigerstripes, 200p for you. Just an advice guys spend ur plats wisely, and footnote : Rare = Lotus, Tiger stripes Common= Polka dots, Hyenas, Abstract. Rare colors = Blue Yellow Red Black Common = White, grey, brown

WTB Red colored kubrows 200p

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Kubrow wiki? U mean warframe wiki kubrow section? And boy do i have ta say, my kubrow looks even awesomer after hotfix... and the rare and common colors arent really expensive, its just that some people claims that their kubrows are rare, which leads people to buying it, then they see many better kubrows in missions, i dont want that happenning, but then again, if you like the colors, go for it.

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