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Will There Be Kubrows For Every Faction?


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If I remember correctly the Devs said that the Grineer will be getting Kubrow pets in an earlier Devstream, and was wondering if all Factions will be getting some.


Corpus has already shown they have both the technology and interest (or at least Frohd Bek does) to raise Kubrows for their own agenda, and I imagine the Infested would gladly infect and turn them into new units.

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Grineer- semi mechanical Kubrow clones that are used to snuff out stealthed enemies.



Corpus- Kubrow pets for Crewmen, or completely robotic Kubrows as Hyenas Mk2.



Infested- chargers type Infested 6 legged dog like creatures that attack in pack and are get damage buff depending on how many of them is in certain radius.


Stalker- 2 pet Kubrows that hunt and attack you before Stalker appears. His personal bloodhounds.

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