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Obstacle Course Desinged Maps "more Platforming, Rail Sliding, And Wall Running Segments!"


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Maps should be designed as obstacle courses.


We need more wall running segments, more and longer rail sliding segments, and forced platforming segments. 


The wall running segments should test our abilities to jump from wall to wall. It should test our ability to go from a horizontal wall to a vertical wall. And last it should test our abilities to shoot targets(enemies and etc) while wall running.


The rail sliding segments should test our abilities to shoot enemies while rail sliding. It should test our abilities to go from a  rail slide to a wall run, rail slide to a platform, and vice versa. We should have parallel rails that groups of enemies can slide down besides us. This will force players to shoot the enemies sliding besides us before they shoot us. (We should be able to use rails at any point of the rail.)


Last we need some platforming elements to test our platforming skills. We need stationary platform, platform that fall, and moving platforms. These platforms need to be 2x the size of the platforms in the dojo obstacle course. (The platforms in the dojo are very hard to jump on).


Last we should take damage from falling into pits! Falling into a pit should be -25 health.



ps I have finished the dojo obstacle couse many times! It is pretty tough. The platforms are to small! The platforms should be twice the size as the ones in the dojos to be fair.


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