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Kubrow Mod Ui Issue


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Looked, did not see it mentioned.


Any Wep or Sentinal, go to Upgrade, then Mods, then Mod Fusion. Hit Installed and your Mods that are not 100% Buffed will show up, click one and work on buffing it up more.


When I do this with my Kurbrow (which I just got collared yesterday during 14.0.8, has 4 Mods, none close to being 100% buffed) no cards show up at all, just a wall of blank card slots. I have to hit Sentinal and then pick out my Kubrow cards from my tons of Sentinal cards. I have checked this many times yesterday and this morning. (14.0.8 & 14.0.9)


Also, when buffing a Kubrow Card, it seems to remove it from the slot. When I back up back to the upgrade Kubrow screen, the Mod that I buffed is removed. I have to reinstall it.


Another related issue, it lets you buff a mod more than the points available...when you go back to the upgrade screen the mod is no longer attached to your Kubrow and you cannot attach it till you earn more levels and points.


Not a game ender, just a tad annoying. Love the new UI overall....

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