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Will The New Kubrow Gene Shop Let Me Make My Kubrow Fat?


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So, when my puppy first 'hatched' (what) and revealed itself as a Raksa, I actually got kind of excited, because here I have this fat little puppy, who will turn into this big fat dog, who's gonna follow me around and do my CC for me. But he turned out not-fat. I'm not sure what build he is.


I became really attached to the idea of a fat Raksa, but the game lied to me. I kind of want to make a new one and buy some imprints, but these imprints tell me nothing. Also, I'm worried about buying one since scamming with these things seem real easy, given that you can't tell what you are getting aside from the seller's word. But he's also my first Kubrow, and I don't want to get rid of him or put him in perma-stasis or whatever, just because he happens to have the metabolism he does.


I just want to know: will the new system give me the option to purchase builds (as in body types) in addition to fur color/pattern? Because I will pay plat for this (preferably not more than 35, the same price for a new sentinel mesh).


I just want a fat dog, DE. Being fat is part of genes, too.

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From what I've heard is that apparently the imprints mean nothing in terms of the breed, just how they physically appear. But we haven't had any official word from DE about it so...yeah.


This too. I've heard they're pretty unreliable right now. Just don't want to waste the plat if I know I can buy it later.



Yeah, honestly I expected breed to determine body type. Weird.


Not my point. I also want my Sunika to be fat and tiny, like a truffle pig. I want my Huras to be skinny as possible, like a coyote. And I want my Suhasa (whatever) to be broad and muscular like a rottweiler or super-broad like a pitbull.


My question is will the new gene shop allow us to purchase changes for all aspects of our Kubrows appearance or will it just be fur color/pattern?


I want to be able to and I'm willing to (within reason). The point of plat purchase in this game is to bypass timewall and this Kubrow stuff has a hefty timewall. Not just the acquisition of the egg, or its incubation, but also the additional RNG and feeling the need to go out and do it all over again if we don't get what we want. For the first time since picking up this game over a year ago, I am not willing to put the time into getting what I want via grinding, but I am willing to put in the plat. These are purely cosmetic items anyway.


I just want that option.

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