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Show Players Aura Mods In Pary Loadout!


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Aura mods are very important. The can make a squad or break a squad in survival. Seeing what aura mods you squad member have is more important than seeing what weapon they have.


Having the ability to see other players Aura mods will help players to pick aura mods based on what there squad members have.


Example: If 3 people in a squad have Rejuvenation, on and 1 have on Energy Siphon. One of the people who have on Rejuv can put on Enemy Radar, and the other can put on Steel charge or another Energy Siphon.


This little bit of information can help squads to customize their loadouts to better support their squads.

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It's not that simple now to change an aura because it;s connected with changing the frame someone has.I don't know why DE decided to connect auras with frames. It was better when we had cards we can easily change.

I agree with you but we also need an option to kick those we don't want in our squad.

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