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Wts (Or Trade) A Bunch Of Rare Mods (Some Maxed) And Prime Parts!

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Here's what i have:




Burning Wasp 15p

Seismic Palm 12p

Fracturing Wind  MAX 15p

Sundering Weave MAX 10p

Stunning Speed MAX 6p

Firestorm MAX 40p

Quick Thinking MAX 50p

Energy Channel MAX 10p

Pistol Ammo Mutation 15p

Dead Eye MAX 35p

Physique 10p

Constitution MAX 20p

Rifle Amp 20p

Focus Energy 5p

Reaping Spiral MAX 20p

Decisive Judgement MAX 30p

Master Theif 15p

Rage 10p

Flow 10p



PRIME Parts:


Latron Barrel 5p

Latron bp 5p

Mag bp 5p

Ankros blade 20p

Ankros bp 5p

Bo bp 30p

Paris lower 5p

Paris upper 15p

Paris string 10p

Rhino chassis 15p

ember bp 5p

frost chassis 10p

orthos blade 25p




Willing to trade for any of the following:


blind rage

loki parts

wyrm parts

heavy caliber

narrow minded


magnum force

crimson dervish

jagged edge

tranquil cleave

high voltage

gleaming talon


Send me a message on psn if you want anything.  Will update daily!  Thanks!

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