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Warriors Of Ares Recruiting


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Warriors of Ares

So far we are a small clan but we are hoping to build a bigger community the teams up towards a common goal. We have 4 warlords, me being the main one. The other 3 are fyeahbruhhh, Athros, and Porkabakin. They will help you when I can't. We have a co-warlord who is IcePawGX and two officers Gargoyles and Taco Warrior



Each warlord will have their own team that they are in charge of once we get more people. That means they can promote whoever is on their team. team members can trade to other teams just notify the warlords. The team aspect is so if we need something for the dojo sluch as materials we will have specific teams go out and get them. The warlords will focus on training noobs and getting other items as well. The Items don't have to be your main focus just would be helpful.



So we are building the solar rail system and we have trading posts, dueling rooms, and an obstacle course. Dueling rooms might be moved and re built. but we will still have them.



We are a friendly group willing to help noobs or vetrans at anytime. Just Ask!



We are also looking for alliances with other small clans, if you would like to be our ally just ask here.

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right cause a small guild+ all are active players= TONS of fun but small guild+many inactive players=well one can say

Yeah. I'm currently in a small clan called Kawaii Crew, but no-one of them are ever online, which really sucks :L

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Right now all my members get on as often as they can. I am usually on once a day, all my other warlords are on once a day one takes a break now and again. If you help recruit that would be nice too. gungunki are you looking for a clan too?

well yeah and i Am still in a clan we started small at first and now its getting big and lately its beginning to be the every dude for himself kind of clan so i was looking for the perfect family oriented clan that i hope yours is the one.

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We are also in an alliance now so if no one is on in clan you still have people to play with and our alliance has a voice chat in play.

Yeah, hi I didn't get a email about you answering so I thought you haven't replied yet. Sorry. Yeah I will leave the clan, so you guys can invite me :))

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