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Selling Stuff, Stop Buy <- Get It?... Im Not Funny

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Okay this is what i have, they are all up for offers so just pop a reply with what you want and what your offer is for said item, Here we go: 





Rending Crane

Iron Phoenix

Sinking Talon

Shimmering Blight

Grim Fury


Rare Mods

Barrel Diffusion x2




Shotgun Ammo Mutation


Prime Stuff

AkBronko Prime BP 

Ankyros Prime BP 

Boar Prime BP + Receiver 

Braton Prime BP + Barrel and Stock

Ember Prime Chassis + Helmet

Fang Prime + 1 Blade

Frost Prime Set

Latron Prime Set

Mag Prime Set - Systems

Rhino Prime Systems

Wyrm Prime BP 




My goal here is to give you an option of how much you want to pay, im pretty lenient and willing to negotiate prices.

Happy Hunting Tenno,


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