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Wts / Wtd , Want Split Chamber , Boltor Bp + Barrel , Rhino Chassis

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 Im looking for :Boltor prime  BP , orthos Blade


this is what i have : 



mods : 


Constitution X2: (10p)

Reflex Guard X2 :5p

Streamline X2 :5p

Flow X 4 :10p

Ravage X2: 5p

serrationX2 : 9P

Hornet strike :6p

Shred X2 :(10P)

IceStorm X3 :6p

killing blow ; 5p

Lethal Torrent :5p

Focus Energy :10p

Rending Strike: (9p)

Master Thief rare 1 : (15p)

sniper ammo mutation :15p


Stances : 

Fracturing Wind (Fist)  :3p

Reaping Spiral X2 (Scythes)  : 3p

Sundering Weave X2 (Machetes)  : 3p





Steel Charge(10p)


sentinel mod


sanctuary :15p



Prime Parts :  


Boar Prime receiver:  9p

burston prime stock: 5p

dakra prime handle; 5p

ember prime helmet: 5p

fang prime blade: 5p

frost prime chassis :5p

latron prime barrel: 10p

latron prime BP :10p

mag prime BP :15p

mag prime chassis :10p

sicarus prime barrel X2: 6p

sicarus prime BP :15p


pm me on psn or reply here tx ;)

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