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So I have bunch of crap I'm trying to get rid of so I'm selling it cheap-ish(if this wasn't a word it is now).

Prime parts 2-4p each, mods between 3-5p, Arcane helmets 20-40p and Auras between 5-8p. Also am willing to trade for any missing parts or mods.




-Arcane Helmets

Arcane Aura Trinity Helmet x1

Arcane Avalon Excalibur Helme x1

Arcane Chlora Saryn Helmet x1

Arcane Flux nova Helmet x1

Arcane Gabit "Booben" Helmet x2

Arcane Gauss Mag Helmet x1

Arcane Hemlock Saryn Helmet x1

Arcane Menticide Nyx Helmet x1

Arcane Pheonix Ember Helmet x1

Arcane Scorpion Ash Helmet x1



-Warframe Mods

Constitution 1
Intesify 1
Natural Talent 2
Overextended 1
Rage 2
Shock Absorbers
Streamline 4
Vigor 1

Enemy Snense 1

Flow 1

Master thief 1

Stretch 10

Undying Will 2

-Primary Weapon Mods

Accelerated blast 1
Contagious Spread 2
Criticla Delay
Firestorm 2
Hell's Chamber 2
Malignant Force 7
Ravage 2
Seeking Force 2
Sniper Ammo mutation 1
Split Chamber 1

Tainted Mag 1
Thunder Bolt 2
Toxic Barrage 2
Vital Sense 3
Wildifire 1

-Secondairy Weapon Mods

Barrel Difusion 2
Hallow Point 1
Ice Storm 1
Lethal Torrent 1

Magnum Force 2
Pistol Ammo mutation 1
Pistol Pestilence 4
Seeker 4
Stunning Speed 1

-Melee mods

Berserker 1

Corrupt Charge 1
Fever Strike 3
Focus Energy 1
Heavy Trauma 1
Jagged Edge 1
Life Strike [sold Out]

Power Throw 1
Quickening 3

Rending Strike 2


Brutal tide 2
Cleaving Whirlwind 2
Coiling Viper 1
Crossing Snakes 3

Grim Fury 2
Iron Pheonix [sold out]

Shimmering Blight x2

Elventh Storm x1

-Sentinel Mods

Fired up x4

-Kubrow Mods

Fast Deflection x5

Link Health x2

Link Shields x2

Link Armor x1

Maul x1

NEW: Auras

Rejuvenation x1

Rifle Amp x1

Steel Charge x1

-Prime parts

Akbronco BP
Bo ornament x3
Boar bp(x4), Reciever(x11), Stock(x5)
Boltor stock x6, barrel x1
Braton Prime bp x4, stock
2x bronco prime bp
Burston barrel x4, reciever x2, stock x7
Dakra handle x2
ember chassis x6, helmet x6
fang blade x1, handle x1
Frost chassis x5, Helmet x8, Systems x1
Glaive disc x4
Latron bp x7, barrel x4, Reciever x2, stock x2
Lex prime barrel 4p
Mag bp x6, chassis x4, helmet
orthos bp, handle x5
paris lower x7, upper x2, string x4
reaper bp, handle x3
rhino systems x6
sicarus barrel x4






-Sinking talon 
-Stalking Fan 

-Warframe Mods


-Sentinel Mods

-Self Destruct   
-Coolant Leak   


-Shield Disruption

-Prime Parts

1 Ankyros Gauntlet

2 Glaive blades

Sicarus reciever


You can leave me a private message or try to contact me in game (I'm usually available between 13:00 and 0:00 GMT+1). I'm also giving discount to buying in bulks.


P.S. Will try to update post daily and hopefully I will have stuff to update ^^

P.P.S. I also have female Huras and male Sahasa imprints to trade (will post pics if interested)

P.P.P.S I'm also willing to sell keys for w'e reasonable price you want them for =P

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