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Please Revise The Ui


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The new update is pretty cool. I've played it for a while, but there are somethings that I just dislike about the new interface:

1. Claustrophobia. The player ship is so small that it's like a tiny metal coffin floating through space. You can't even jump in this thing without bumping your head on the ceiling. Why can't players spawn in the dojo or a larger "mothership" and then get sent on missions in a space pod?

2. Star map. The old star map was really good and provided a good sense of locality and progression. You can tell where things are and how they're connected. By comparison, it is a chore to find anything in the new interface. One planet might as well be the same as the other. The circular mission select interface makes it needlessly complicated to find the mission that you want to play.

3. The incessant radio chatter in the player ship. Please give a separate option to turn this off. This gets very annoying very fast. Right now, you can only disable it if you disable sound sfx. This isn't ideal if you want to hear sounds while playing the game.

4. Tenno blocks line of sight while looking at the interface. While looking at things like the Foundry, the player's frame actually blocks the left part of the UI. You can't even see what's on the left side unless you move your view to look around the frame. This is just plain bad design and is inexcusable.

Overall, the player ship just seems pointless. From a UI point of view, it's very unnecesary and actually makes things less intuitive than they were before. From a lore perspective, why would the Tenno choose to live their lives in these little pods? The player ship and the dojo seem to serve somewhat similar and redundant purposes. They both serve as the player's base of operations and give the player access to a variety of functions. I would suggest that you find a way to merge the two into one entity. Instead of a player ship and a dojo, how about a flagship? Each player can start with the little ship and then build up to the larger ship. The large ship would in essence be similar to what the dojo is today and can also function as the headquarters for a clan.

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1. I like the size of the ship, so that's down to personal prefrence.


2. Yeah, pretty much. The new planet select is nice, but the node select is a disaster. Could use some big changes IMO


3 I like the radio chatter. Makes you feel like a space cop cruisn' for space crimes


4. Biggest problem with the UI. They need a toggle to put menus in from of the frame relative to the camera and not behind it.


As for the ship being pointless, I couldn't disagree more. The whole point of it is that it gives you a sense of interaction with the world as you go from level to level, if they just made it like a dojo room it would actually be pointless. A flagship would be cool though, hopefully when hubs come out *fingers crossed*

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1. I think the ship could have a little more room, too. It feels crowded and the low FOV is dizzying, so I try not to spend too much time there when I am playing.


2. Agree.


3. The radio chatter was annoying when it was stuck on the Kubrow mission chatter every time I re-entered the ship, but that seems to be fixed now. It isn't so bad anymore, to me.


4. Agree agree agree.


In comparison with the Dojo, the player ships don't quite give me the look and feel of Tenno lifestyle that I got from the Dojo. Its so small!

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The Ship could use some personal Decoration and build area where you could for example install a marketplace and invite other people into "in case you dont have a clan".

Just a small to medium sized room where you could put some stuff into.


Other than that, i mostly agree with vaugahns responses and with the Star Map issue.. Right now you cannot see the Solar Chart progression at all..

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Ship should have been an instanced thing that behaved in its current fashion but also acted as player housing.  Good excuse to have grindy obtainable decor and aesthetic changes. 

Existing functionality of the Old UI should have remained the same however.

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