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Cerberus Interception Mission On Pluto Is Bugged


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As the title says the mission is bugged in the most annoying way possible. when you decode the radio signal you have to kill every last enemy on the map, but guess what? You cant, cos there is one enemy that isnt really on the map but the game puts a marker on a random place where it should be, and you cannot kill it, you cannot dmg it, cannot see it even. The only sings are its exixtence is that the nova ult effect is lingering around in the air where the pointer marks, also the pets ( sentinels and kubrows) are attacking it like crazy, althrough it  cannot be seen anywhere so they just shoot the ground. 


And of course when i was the host and i left it immedieatly appeared, the last mob that is and the mission could be finished, But i had to say goodbye to my lott and xp and everything...

I'll upload some footage of it so you can see it for yourselfes.

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