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Happy With The Direction The Ui Is Going, But There's A Few Ease Of Use Things That Could Be Improved On.

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Upgrade menu- 

As the screen is looked at an angle, unequipped mods are smaller, hard to read (both because of size, angle and aliasing). This could be made better by...

- Reducing the angle. 

- Making everything bigger. 

- Possibly increasing the amount of unequipped mods on display, or having an option to do that. 

You've got a lot of empty space on the upgrade menu, so this should be OK. 


- On an unrelated note: A more fluent transition between upgrades and fusion would be good. Fusion HA! 



Equipment menu

Minor gripes/Improvement suggestions.  

- Going from the solar map to the equipment menu completely removes you from what planet/mission you were on, meaning after you've done equipping you're going to need to find it again (slightly inconvenient) 

- Can't move directly to gear from the solar map. You've gotta go through equipment first which is another minor inconvenience. Whilst gear isn't realy fleshed out at the moment enough to demand this kind of attention, it'd at least be handy to equip dragon keys. 


- It'd nice to see what squadmates have equiped whilst you're in the equipment menu so you can adjust your equipment accordingly in real time. 




- In the foundry it'd be nice to see blueprints more to the left, with resources to the right. I like the way they're set out now, but it'd be nicer to have them both on the same page. 


-In the Foundry, Items like keys or consumable gear should be automatically claimed. 


- The inventory (where you sell items) hasn't received much of an update and currently does not fit in with the rest of the UI updates. Maybe it could become a third page of the foundry. 


- Scanners should be infinite. It's nothing more than a time waste to have to buy many and then re-equip them when you run out. Bulk buy or autobuy would be nice features, but realy you shouldn't run out of the small stuff. Maybe if it's realy neccessary to spend money on this we could have a more expensive scanner to build that has infinite uses.


Now for Huge suggestions for Icons of Items/BP's/Parts. 

- Easy to obtain items should retain the blue backrounds (with white circutry for bps). Mid-game items that cost a lot of resources should have silver/black and rare items (primes,maybe hunter drops like dread/brakk) should have gold/black. This'd not only make it easier for you to identify stuff in your inventory, It'd also be good for new players because it'd inform them of what items they can get early on and if they got a rare item. 



- Rather than one icon for every prime gun for every part, have the Image of the gun grayed out, Then lighten a half/ third/quarter of the image for each part. Like for rifles you'd always have the same thirds for barrel/receiver/stock. You could also make art for each individual part, but that'd be more time consuming (at least in the long run) This'd greatly help players identify and remember the parts they have


- Game should inform us "you have this part" when you earn them/have the option of claiming them. Because a lot of the time players forget and pass up on items they don't have, or claim items they mistakenly don't think they have. 


Different icons for Male/female frame parts and sentinels. Different icons for every frame would be much work, but male/female differentiation would go a long way. 


- As a very. very minor thing- It'd be interesting to see the circuitry patern of blueprints change depending on the faction that makes the weapon ( default for corpus, curvy for tenno, messy for grineer, nerve-like for infested, sparse for colonist) (and by colonist, I mean less sci-fi looking weapons like the braton, lex or lato that don't realy fit with the other factions) )  



In game

- Kubrow with it's own unque (small) icon on the minimap and waypoint for when downed. 

- Allies with waypoints on them (like sentinels) don't say "enemy" 

- Dead enemies have their waypoints changed to reflect that they're dead. 


- Health bars for Ironskin and breakable abilities like snowglobe. 





Add icons on each sector to show what mission it is, so you don't need to put your mouse over it to check. 


Colour the quest/alert icons, as well Extractor icon for when it is working/done. They're currently a little hard to see. 


Have a 'show names' option where each orb has it's name infront/underneath it. 




When you unlock every planet, including the dojo,derelict and void, you're looking at a very full ring of coloured balls and it's not great for navigating. I'd change this by.. 


- Moving void, dojo and derelict out of the ring of planets, Instead, put them above /behind the ring of planets. 


- Merge phobos into mars. (which would reduce the number of orbs in the circle, along with being slightly more scientifically 'correct'. It'd also make mars better and the excellent Arid tileset more accessible.) 


Otherwise, DE are doing terrific work in this sector. I'd appreciate other small things I've missed, or feedback of my feedback. 

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