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Idea For New Clan Kiosk For The Dojo!


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The idea is simple, useful and helpful.


the idea is a Void Key Depository.  Each dojo would have their own depository


*It would appear the same as a trading kiosk or credit depository.


*Each member of the clan could use it to deposit any/all void keys that they have.


*The purpose would be to SHARE void keys throughout the clan.


*You can deposit as many keys as you wish to share, However you can only withdraw a set amount per day. (Stopping any one member from taking advantage of free void keys)


*Your rank in the clan could possibly determine the amount of keys that you could withdraw per day  (i.e. clan leaders could withdraw 5 per day. Ranks 2 and 3 could withdraw 4 per day etc.)


Please comment with what you think.




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