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Kubrow Coloring Compromise


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Some think we should be able to color our kubrows as we please.  Others would rather leave it to chance and breeding to produce results.


How about a compromise?


My suggestion is that we can choose from the base colors that a kubrow is born with, and mix/match them as we please.  No pattern changing, only colors.  As an example, here is my recently hatched Raksa pup:


Now, note that she has blue stripes on top.  I don't care for this color at all, but I really like the dark underbelly she has.  This compromise would allow me to take that dark coloring and apply it to the stripes, removing the blue and creating a more complimentary color pattern.


And that about wraps it up.  Yes? No?  Maybe so?

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I like some of your ideas though I'm proposing something that does not use the palette coloring.  While I would be fine with it, I do think there is merit in the current breeding/imprinting system for rare patterns.  


This would allow us to mitigate the RNG's habit of giving us horrid color combinations and help those who just want to hatch a kubrow and move on with life without having to accept some mismatched monstrosity.  The much more rare colors and patterns would still then have worth.


Again, I would be fine with a palette for complete customization, but I don't feel that's in line with DEs ideas so this is something I think would be a simple and effective compromise.

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