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Mirage's Hall Of Mirrors Vs Loki's Decoy


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Hall of Mirrors:

- Up to 4 Clones surrounding Mirage

- Clones reduce incoming damage to Mirage

- Clones last 22 seconds

- Clones are invulnerable

- Clones use Mirage's weapons and do a % of Mirage's Damage

- Clones can pick up nearby loot

- Costs 25 energy



- Casts only 1 decoy on any surface

- Distracts/lures enemies

- Decoy can last up to 25 seconds

- Decoy has finite health and shields

- Decoy uses a Lato/Lex that occasionally procs Puncture, Slash, and Impact but does 0 damage

- Can be used with Switch Teleport

- Costs 25 energy


Which do you think is the better skill?

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You can't compare powers like that, warframe abilities and warframes are hard to compare because that is the idea.

Loki has access to abilities that can interect with decoy, mirage doesn't.


2 abilities that might look the same but have completely different uses.

"better" depends alot on the context it is inserted, in this case none is better.

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your comparing apples and goldfish...comparing first lvl abilitys(or any lvl for that matter) from different frames isnt really applicable since each frames abilitys are ment to mesh with thier other abilitys

You don't see any similarities between these two skills? And how do these abilities mesh with their other skills (I already know Switch teleport works with decoy)?

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Well decoy draws a lot more aggro than hall of mirrors.You can put a decoy in an impassible spot and enemies will cluster around trying to get at it. Hall of mirrors doesn't draw nearly that much aggro, it's more of a force multiplier to make up for mirage's squishiness. 

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