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Color Fix Changed Tenno Palette


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At least I hope it's a bug.


This is how is looked before http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140612163207/warframe/images/4/4f/WF_Default_Palette.png


Now the colors got lighter and desaturated. Even the color palette changed to reflect this and frankly, looks dull and unappealing to me now.

Funny thing is, the colors I've already applied are still looking fine (vibrant red, dark crimson, bluish black, dark gray and so on) but are not available for me to pick anymore. Every color position that should correspond to the one applied now is lighter and less saturated.

If that's being done on purpose I'm rather disappointed since I'd never would have bought the palette I've now got. In that case I'd really appreciate if buyers of the old Tenno palette could choose to keep the old one and to sell both separately on the market.



just found this on the update notes for 14.0.9, not under "Warframe Color Customization Changes" as I expected, but under "Changes":

  • Corrected Tenno Default Colour Picker to use proper Gamma colour values.


So apparently, not a bug. But nevertheless extremely disappointing to me.

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The changes to colours were intentional. That was a fix, because before the colour on the palette would often not match the colour on your frame or weapon. Recent hotfix fixed that.


Everybody got a Gamma palette in the mail, though. Give it a try. The changes may require you to re-do all of your colour schemes, but were needed.

Also, you said, that your frames kept the colours you like, correct? Just don't change them and use other colour loadouts for any future schemes you may like.

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