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Got A Latron Prime, A Potato, And Modded It Up. My Entire Game Changed.



It was that big of a change.


I went from spraying enemies in the head and reloading after 2-3 kills to one shot, one kill the entire room. Thing looks sexy. Is sexy.  Couldn't have got it without my friend helping me and some Void tower s play.  But god. So sexy.  Even on T4 Survival @ 25 minutes I can still 1-shot most things, and my mods aren't even close to max Rank. What a beast it will be when I do.

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inb4 moved to Weapons Feedback.


It is quite the weapon, faster and more convenient than a sniper rifle, as well as being more efficient than an automatic rifle. Top it off with great stats and a fabulous aesthetic and you have a great primary.

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I was just following this:




On the "Blast" build, so it's just an all rounder.  I'm sure more can be done, I hear Hammerlock is nice, need to get it first though.  But it's so crazy. That & my Dex Furis are just beasts, putting out thousands of damage a clip. 


I wish I had the fusion cores to Rank all the mods up properly. Most are only half-way to max. Some less. Already I got 250+P Damage, 250+ Elemental damage.   As I said, the weapon is at less than half power, but on LV40+ enemies already I can still instant headshot them.

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The Latron Prime is arguably the best Rifle in the game.

Its top 5 in terms of the DPS it can shell out (on paper at least) and due to its high base damage and accuracy, with practice you can outdamage pretty much everything else.

I do not refer to it as the high lord for nothing.

Also in regards to builds, run serration, split chamber, point strike and vital sense as your core mods.

From there I'd slap on two 90% elementals to hit even harder. Final two are up to you.

Personally I go corrosive, cold and hammershot, but really anything works. Hell I even use fast hands on it.

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