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Summer Rose: Baker of Cookies and Slayer of monsters

But srsly, dat back-story doe. So much yes to this episode!


Edit: Oh, and I facepalmed when Juane left the room to go follow Pyrrha's advice. Juane, open your eyes man!

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The interesting thing about Blake following the laser pointer is that it's not only a cat faunus joke it's human wouldn't you follow a lazer pointer to see where it originated from if you did not know if it were a joke? Also nice Yang backstory and Ruby struggling inside a dress just tells she's made for the battlefield despite being childish.

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So some person is being like the Cinemasins guy at the Roosterteeth website for the latest episode. Lets see how much of these we can justify.

Are those the color palletes for the table cloth, or are they the table cloths? Either way its still a sin.


Im with you on that one Ruby.


Are you freaking kidding me?


What makes you so sure Yang? cause Blake is pretty dead set against it


Use of the word "Blakey"


Again Yang why are you so sure about this


Ha ha using a laser light to mess with the cat, lady, person. Also how did Yang know Blake in the library.


This entire scene with Jaune and Ren.


Cartoon gravity.


Just be honest cliché.


Character told to follow their own advice cliché. And why is Pyrrha so nervous about telling Jaune how she feels. If Jaune knew he would probably lost his wits to learn a girl that hot was into him. I know I would.


Cliché superhero origin story.


Character understands friends obsession cliché.


Its a cool symbol and all, but how is it relevant to the story?


Character finds out the person they are into is into someone else cliché.


Dropped flower symbolizes broken heart cliché.


Why in that entire vase of flowers is the one dropping like that?


Girl character uncomfortable in heels cliché.


Guy uncomfortable in a tie cliché.

Blakes bow is black at 10:41 but in 10:45 its blue. Now at 11:15 its a teal color. How did that get past the editing team? 11:19

Whatever yang.

11:37 Where did Professor Ozpin come from? Holy failure on the editing team Monty here at 12:12 Blake's bow is black again. 12:27 Dramatic entrance of the bad guy cliché.

I did not write this I only edited it because 1. I'm a grammar nazi. 2. He misspelled Jaune, Ren and Ozpin's name and He did not have proper grammar

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I kept imagining all the "shipping intensifies" memes and gifs that will come from that episode.


I'd like to point out that I just found this on the first page after googling  "shipping intensifies"

The gears are already turning; I am merely their messenger.

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I'd like to point out that I just found this on the first page after googling  "shipping intensifies"

The gears are already turning; I am merely their messenger.

I was actually referring to all the comments stemming from my original comment in this thread. I'm well aware of the different character ships from the series and that they've been around since the series started a year ago.

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So I didn't believe that he actually found that on literally the first page of google responses. I did the same google search. Lo and behold:









And of course:



All on the first page. That's pretty crazy! Crazy Awesome!

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