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Ps4 Updates And Pc Done At Same Time?


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You made a statement that you would gladly accept bugs because you lack patience. You do not want this. Every PC is different, therefore it is hard to test for every single contingency before roll out. Some outdated hardware or software spec, or a general lack of upkeep on a PC has the possibility to affect how new software will interact. Every PS4 is the same. No hardware differences. Imagine that one bug that bricks your console. Or the game is completely unplayable. And affects other games. Which means every single user is hosed. This is what you can't live without?


Start reading the PC side of things when they experience bugs. It isn't pleasant. That's what you're inviting and telling us you desire. Be glad Sony is the last hurdle to cross and protects you from yourself.

The whole point of cert is to prevent such a bug from being included in a build. If it passed cert, than the likelihood is that a bug that bricks your ps4 won't be included in the build.

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