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Interacting With Kubrow Issues


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I don't know if someone made this thread yet so I apologize in advanced if it has been.


Every time I try to interact with my Kubrow to increase her loyalty the screen will flash and we'll be standing in the middle of the space ship floor and then immediately go back to the incubator.


This is a bad problem as we never go through the interacting process so I can't increase her loyalty towards me. This has happened 100% of the time. When she was just a pup the same would happen, but I could actually pet her after spamming the 'E' key, but this process won't work now. While she was a pup she'd get stuck in the middle of the ship as well.


I'd really hope to see this fixed soon. Thank you. :(


[EDIT] I think I might have posted this in the wrong thread...damn.

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having same problem here. i went in yesterday and interacted with it about 10 times so the damn cutscene could play and my interaction could go from 3/3 to 0/3(yes i know we got limited interaction per day) but nothing! my kubrow now is at 40% loyalty because of this bug!

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